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Land of Senseless Tragedies

Daniel Wultz, the 16 year-old boy from Florida who was wounded in last month’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, has died from his injuries.

Wultz came to Israel with his parents to visit relatives on Passover. He and his father, Tuly, were having lunch at a Tel Aviv restaurant on April 17 when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated about 10 pounds of explosives in the entrance.
[…] The teenager arrived at the hospital after the attack still bleeding and in critical condition, with serious wounds to his abdomen and a leg. After the bleeding was brought under control, doctors removed his spleen and a kidney and treated the leg.
[…] Thirty-one of Wultz’s schoolmates flew to Israel earlier this month for a special prayer service.
Tuly Wultz, who suffered a leg wound in the attack, said at the service that he and Daniel had managed to exchange a few words right after the blast, despite the severity of his son’s wounds.
“I held his hand and told him I loved him. He said he loved me,” the father said.
The family did not immediately comment Sunday.

Baruch dayan emet. Our heartfelt condolences to the Wultz family. May Daniel’s memory be a blessing.

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