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Leader + Ner David: Stand-Up Guys

My friend at Bayit Chadash wanted me to post the following on their behalf:

This story is filled with pain and with sadness and with heroic ventures.
Two men stood by the women and the voice of truth and commited to undergoing this process despite the pain.
These two men are Avraham Leader and Jacob Ner David.
Avraham Leader has been not only a major support in unveiling the truth, but has been an incredible reservoir of strength, courage, and justice. The second the first woman spoke to him he knew that the behavior of anyone in this sort of power position was totally unacceptable and was ready to confront the situation. Even if it meant his own job was on the line. Avraham first and foremost loves his students and is a voice of truth and of righteousness.
Jacob Ner David responded immediately to the situation, met the different women, and took a stand for the voices of truth and justice.
Despite both of their pain from having also been deceived by Mordechai, they supported the women, in their voices, in their safety, and in their grief.

[Update] Luke Ford offers a different take. (Hey Luke, why don’t you use actual blogging software?) I don’t necessarily want to legitimate his speculation, nor his slander of Jacob Ner David, but with all the outstanding allegations against Gafni, it’s necessary to ask why Ner David overlooked those allegations and hired Gafni in the first place.

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