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Learn by teaching, teach by learning

Do you have something to teach?
The National Havurah Committee is now accepting course proposals for the 2011 NHC Summer Institute! The Institute will be August 1-7, 2011, at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. It is a week of Jewish learning and living in a pluralistic and multigenerational community comprised of people from grassroots Jewish communities across the continent.
We’re looking for proposals for four-session courses, whether connected to this year’s Institute theme “Y’hi shalom b’cheileich – May there be peace within your walls”, or on any other topic of interest. Teachers whose courses are accepted receive free registration, room, and board for the week, and get to participate fully in the Institute when they’re not teaching.
At the Institute, every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher. As someone who is a teacher in real life and has taught Institute courses, I have found teaching at Institute to be one of my most rewarding teaching experiences, thanks to the productive contributions of everyone in the class. Teachers at Institute include people who work professionally in the field they’re teaching about, as well as people pursuing an “extracurricular” interest who are excited to study something in depth and share it with others.
The deadline for course proposals is November 17. Learn more, and download a course proposal form. See you in August!

6 thoughts on “Learn by teaching, teach by learning

    1. National (Havurah Committee), not (National Havurah) Committee.
      The National Basketball Association doesn’t play with a national basketball.

  1. Does the National Havurah Committee consist of a small number of Jews who meet in a small out of the way place and think they’re better than other Jews who meet in large congregations?

  2. Dave, why must you come here and troll like that? If you don’t have a constructive point to make, please don’t comment.
    Moderators, I ask you to start enforcing your “right to refuse comments deemed inappropriate or unhelpful”, please.

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