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Lebanese Children Receive Free Medical Care in Israel

The Jerusalem Post reports today of a kiddush Hashem being done in Tel ha’Shomer at Sheba Hospital:

Lebanese children and adults wounded in the Hizbullah-Israeli crossfire in Lebanon have been invited to receive free treatment at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The cost will be paid by Jewish and non-Jewish donors in Israel and abroad, hospital director-general Prof. Zev Rothstein said on Sunday.

CNN (I watched on the video feeds at CNN Pipeline) reported about IDF soldiers who transferred an injured 47-year-old Lebanese woman from Maroun al-Ras to a waiting MDA ambulance after she was critically injured in the intense crossfire there. She was transferred to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat.
Now we have an entire hospital pledging free care to Lebanese victims.

“We are not to blame for this war. We don’t ask who is to blame,” said Rothstein. “We have an open Jewish heart. Our aim is to save lives and reduce misery. We don’t hate like the terrorists,” he added.
“It is better for a Lebanese family to hear that Israelis saved their lives rather than for them to teach their children that they should kill Israelis. Our humanitarian care shows the difference between us and them.”
Humanitarian treatment for Lebanese victims of the war will not come at the expense of Israeli patients, said the hospital director-general. “Israelis gain by the fact that we have experience treating patients from around the world and the region with all kinds of conditions. We have extra beds, including in intensive care and rehabilitation.”

Well that’s just great. But what about after they get better? These people are homeless and starving! What about their other needs?

“We have housing for Lebanese families and food at no cost.”

Impressive and refreshing to hear. A beautiful way to be a light to the world.
A huge yasher koach to them. Chazak u’baruch.

27 thoughts on “Lebanese Children Receive Free Medical Care in Israel

  1. Can we say this out loud: Jews have a superior relgion that impels them to perform good deeds; Muslims have an inferior religion that constitutes a death cult. End of story.

  2. Don’t get your hopes up. The rest of the world, and especially the islamic one, will simply see this as Israeli propaganda.
    It would have been better if everyone involved just shut up and only expected their reward from G-d.

  3. Max, when you mix terrorist stormtroopers with civilians, that is an evil act, since to defend herself Israel is forced to injure civilians along with the murderers. But we have come to expect evil and the Muslim religion to go hand in hand, isn’t it time we faced reality and admitted what is in front of our faces – radical islam is a death cult attempting to murder every xtian and jew it can find – it needs to be eradicated now.

  4. Can we say this out loud: Jews have a superior relgion that impels them to perform good deeds; Muslims have an inferior religion that constitutes a death cult. End of story.

    And what was your good deed for today? Badmouthing another religion on a website comments thread?

  5. Yitz, this is a major yasher koach, nor is it the first time. I’ve read about Lebanese from years past who discovered the Jews weren’t evil because of the medical care they received. That and the general care. There is a woman who speaks a lot about it who has some audio recordings online about her experiences years ago as a girl. She talked about the ambulance ride to get help and having her fellow Lebanese driver rob her. It was a stark contrast to the driver she met in Israel who refused her money, telling her it was a mitzvah to help her. She made a point to address that he wasn’t even religious, but that he was driven to do a mitzvah; to help a young girl who wasn’t even Jewish.
    This is a good thing and it definately helps move us in the right direction, as this girl grew up hating Israel and ended up supporting Israel and the Jews. My point being that this act of kindness is something worth doing and promises a better future for us all. Thank you for bringing our attention to this wonderful sign of hope during a very ugly war.
    Max, it is necessary to defend against those who attack you. When someone is going to kill you, do you stand there and let them cut you open?
    Dirrigible, Islam is not a death cult. What is happening is cultural, not religious. This is not what Islam is about or what Islam represents. Either way, people are dying, and now is not the time to be yelling of who is better than the other. It is time to reach out and try to show the shared humanity of us all.

  6. more light unto the nations!! illegal use of antipersonnel weapons!! but don’t worry, we’ll patch ’em right up.
    Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon
    Israel Must Not Use Indiscriminate Weapons
    (Beirut, July 24, 2006) – Israel has used artillery-fired cluster munitions in populated areas of Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said today. Researchers on the ground in Lebanon confirmed that a cluster munitions attack on the village of Blida on July 19 killed one and wounded at least 12 civilians, including seven children. Human Rights Watch researchers also photographed cluster munitions in the arsenal of Israeli artillery teams on the Israel-Lebanon border.
    Cluster munitions are unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable weapons when used around civilians. They should never be used in populated areas.
    According to eyewitnesses and survivors of the attack interviewed by Human Rights Watch, Israel fired several artillery-fired cluster munitions at Blida around 3 p.m. on July 19. The witnesses described how the artillery shells dropped hundreds of cluster submunitions on the village. They clearly described the submunitions as smaller projectiles that emerged from their larger shells.

  7. Ah yes, I always believe Human Rights Watch, Hamas, and anti Semites in general to secure my information regarding Israeli Defense Practices….as should we all.

  8. yes, dirrigible, only from the IDF, the Israeli press which is subject to military censorhip, and Little Green Footballs can we learn the truth. Here the anti-Semitic ICRC actually claims Israel is blowing up Lebanese ambulances!! as if the light unto the nations would ever do such a thing. I mean, really.
    Heavy bombing has continued in the south of the country over the past three days. Medical staff from the Lebanese Red Cross Society continue evacuating the wounded and sick under very difficult and dangerous conditions. The Society reported five security incidents in recent days affecting ambulances, events that highlight the obligation to spare those engaged in medical work.
    The latest of these incidents occurred on 23 July, at 11.15 pm in Cana, a village in southern Lebanon. According to Lebanese Red Cross reports, two of its ambulances were struck by munitions, although both vehicles were clearly marked by the red cross emblem and flashing lights that were visible at a great distance. The incident happened while first-aid workers were transferring wounded patients from one ambulance to another. As a result, nine people including six Red Cross volunteers were wounded. “The ICRC is gravely concerned about the safety of medical staff “, said Balthasar Staehelin, the organization’s delegate-general for the Middle East and North Africa. “We have raised this issue with the Israeli authorities and urged them to take the measures needed to avoid such incidents in the future.”
    Among other incidents of this type, on 19 July the Society’s first-aid station in Insarieh was damaged, as were two ambulances. A first-aid worker suffered minor injuries. On 18 July, an ambulance received a direct hit while on a first-aid and evacuation mission.

  9. Ah, and it hasn’t been the consistent policy of the terrorists, Palestinians and Muslims in general to lie about their confrontation with the Israelis? Remember the Jenin massacre that killed hundreds of Palestinians – oh right, that turned out to be a BIG lie….well what about that family in Gaza playing on the sand who were killed by a missile from an Israeli Jet……oh right, that turned out to be a LITTLE lie…..surprise, our enemies lie! And btw, all those heart rendering Lebanese who get on TV and lie about the number of civilians killed by Israel…why aren’t they asked whether they are pressuring their fellow Lebanese, the Hezbellah (who are mps and hold government positions in the Lebanese cabinet) to release the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and stop firing missiles at Israeli civilians? Sometimes the hypocracy makes you want to puke!

  10. What a snow job. Hundreds killed, thousands injured, but all that is dwarfed by a single case of righteousness. Gimme a break.

  11. What a snow job, probablly fewer than a 1,000 Americans killed at Pearl Harour and we started a war that killed up to 50,000,000 – how disgusting we are, how lacking in moral sensitivity, how DISPROPORTIONATE our response.

  12. “Can we say this out loud: Jews have a superior relgion that impels them to perform good deeds; Muslims have an inferior religion that constitutes a death cult. End of story.”
    That type of thinking only perpetuates the hate in this world. The terrorists are an extreme sect of the muslim religion, many are peacekeeping people. Sidenote: I wish that the UN would spend some time trying to root out the source of all the violent thinking. These Arab children read textbooks and grow up hating Jews. The UN should be working to change their education because all of their other efforts seem to be a waste of time.

  13. Uh oh! xisnotx posted another article!
    Ever since the initial outcry over the “massacre” of about 50 terrorists in Jenin with collateral damage of 6 civilians (may they rest in peace), I’m extremely hesitant to believe many sources, especially ones such as HRW, IRC, and BBC.
    This is war. Enemy targets get attacked. Unfortunately Hezbollah members are cowards who hide among civilians. After Israel started attacking, Hezzy retreated into West Beirut carrying their flags in grandiose fashion. Because they were defeating the Zionist entity? Right. We do not hate like Hezbollah does. Israel does not fire missiles indiscriminately into civilian centers with the intent to kill as many random people as possible as Hezbollah does.

  14. Well, this is one case where I partially agree with formermuslim. No productive discussion was liekly to come from this thread–not when it began with dirrigible’s opening declaration that Islam was an “inferior religion” and a “death cult.” This kind of a Falwell-esque comment adds nothing to the conversation.
    Last week, Mobius warned someone that they might be banned from the site for comments that wereprovocative, nasty, and contemptible. I’d have to say that dirrigible’s comments here go much further.

  15. Hi Matt, surely comments are not banned because they are provocative, so let’s focus on nasty and contemptable. Would you object to my saying that the Nazi’s are dirty scum? I assume not, so in the words of tv lawyers everywhere, “truth is a defense”. Therefor, is it fair to argue Islam is an inferior religion? Religion is performed by its practitioners – the words on the paper (the Koran, the Bible, etc.) are just words until they inspire action. It’s fair to look how the members of a religion act in the name of their religion. Jews (and todays Xtians) attempt to avoid war, help the underclass, show concern for others – neither group engages in assaults against non believers to spread their religious view. Islam, unique amongst today`s religions, engage in all the killings and terrorist acts that we are all to familiar with IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION – and when the so called moderates of that religion are asked to comment, the usual response (in English) is yes, that’s not a good action, but the Israeli’s (or the Jews or whoever) have been so oppressive that we have to understand the beheadings, the murders, the…….(of course we have discovered that the real response in Arabic is often totally supportive of the terrorists). So I stand by my statement: the Muslim religion, to an extent unique in the modern world, is supportive of terrorist and other nefarious activities (e.g. riots and murders to protest the picturization of Mohommed). If that doesn’t make it an inferior religion when compared to others, than we are blinding our eyes to reality! PC, hardly. True, completely.

  16. Gee, dirrigible, you convinced me. Particularly the part about how Islam is unique in killing and terrorism in the name of religion. If only I could find a counter-example from some other religion, just one…dang. And what a good thing it isthat other religions are so great. Why, if the religions of the world didn’t “attempt to avoid war, help the underclass, show concern for others,” then this might be a world of violence and inequality. What a relief that it’s not.

  17. I’m going to ignore much of the BS that went on previously. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but some are more helpful to the Jewish people than others. The actual post here is wonderful news to me. True, it may not outweigh some of the tragedies that have occurred, but it goes a long way towards establishing what Israel’s INTENT is. Those that love to bash Israel, sometimes forget that intent is a huge part of any situation. and i think Israel’s intent is obviously far different than Hizbullah’s.
    Everyone on whichever side needs to remember that Israel did NOT start this war. Everyone needs to remember that there were no such problems, until Hizbullah (which is connected with the Lebanese government) crossed the UN and internationally recognized border into Israel, to carry out an act of war. I’m pretty sure that that is just plain fact.
    No matter how many times someone from Hizbullah insists that Israel is always the one that started it that doesn’t make it true. A true sign of honesty and goodwill is that one is willing to criticize their own actions seriously. Israel has and continues to criticize and think through its actions. Hizbullah insists that it does no wrong… Ever.
    Ok so I fell into trying to answer some of the posts above. but I join with the original post to say yasher koach to Israel for this mitzvah.

  18. ” True, it may not outweigh some of the tragedies that have occurred, but it goes a long way towards establishing what Israel’s INTENT is.”
    what is that intent?

  19. What is Israel’s intent – to kill those who are trying to kill her, and help and uplift the rest of humankind. I will be happy to answer any further questions regarding Israel, the inferiority of the Muslim religion, left wing anti semitism, or other related matters, just ask. D

  20. Hi, was actually thinking of responding, then I realized I’m actually boring myself, not to mention others, by saying the saying things over and over again – this is like a tennis match, there’s only so many areas the ball can go, and everybody on every side can anticipate every hit, every response – so I’m retiring for a while, unless someone posts a particularly anti – Jewish Israeli statement that just requires an answer, I’m watching the news, praying for victory at the least possible cost to Israel, and saving my arguments for my friends, who unfortunately (and foolishly) are mostly of the liberal persuasion.

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