Lech L'cha — REALLY GET OUT and GO (summer opportunities for Jewish environmentalists)

…be mindful then that you do not spoil and destroy My world – for if you do spoil it, there is no one after you to repair it… — Kohelet Rabbah 7:1

For many city dwellers, the summer signifies a time to escape from the city. The Jewish Outdoors Club, based on New York city, self defines itself as “Modern Orthodox” and their first annual retreat, scheduled for this weekend is appropriate for both singles and couples. Billed as a sort of Jewish verison of outward bound, the JCC in Manhattan, is partnering with Teva Adventure, offering a summer trip to Alaska for a serious rock climbing expedition, with specific age groups including teens, students, and all ages of adults.
If it’s training as a Jewish environmental educator you are after, or you just want to get to brush up on your Judaism and Ecology knowlege, then you shouldn’t miss the Jewish Environmental Education Seminar for Camp Staff, Jewish Educators and Naturalists, hosted by the Teva Learning Center, whose site also includes a comprehensive Jewish Environmental Job Network.
Finally, the New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride, scheduled for August 15-18. There will be a Shabbaton (Shabbat retreat), on the Friday and Saturday, hosted by the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, followed by a two-day 110-mile ride from East Hampton to Manhattan. The ride, sponsored by Hazon, a Jewish environmental group, exposes Jewishly non-affiliated environmentalists to a broader Jewish perspective, while opening mainstream Jews to the deep current of environmental awareness.

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