Let's Try This Again…

SerandEz has published a pretty good critique of all the sites nominated for JIB design awards. Here’s what he had to say about Jewschool:

JewSchool is also different. It’s got an extremely organized main section, with link buttons at the top, and an okay header and funky sidebar. A lot of ads, but they’re unobtrusive; I don’t like their posts seperator, but it’s a cool idea at least. Clear type, too.

I wish he’d seen some of our other design this year, like our rainbow of Jewish personalities and Chomsky vs. Kook (which, like a fool, I took no screen captures of). But anyway, regarding the ads, he has a point.
See all these advertisements cluttering up the site? I can’t say I don’t appreciate our advertisers — they’re helping keep this site up and running. But you could be doing that too. If the 13,000 repeat visitors to this site each gave us a dollar, we wouldn’t have to have a single ad on the whole site.
With enormous thanks to Dave Abitbol, Katherine Falk, Jonathan Rabinovitch, Brian Schneider, Cynthia Schoenbrun, Ben Dreyfus, Rodney Jewett, Mary Woodward and one very generous anonymous donor, we’ve raised enough cash to cover two months of server hosting.
We’re counting on you the rest of you now to step up and help us meet our goal of covering hosting for the year. Please donate to Jewschool today.

One thought on “Let's Try This Again…

  1. Hey, thanks for the link. I should point out that despite the ads all over, I was impressed that the design made sure they were unobtrusive. The only reason I’m noticing them now is their constant changing – which is why they’re designed that way, to catch people’s eyes. Best of luck on collecting what you need – it would be great if good blogs were able to run without having to take ads to keep themselves going.

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