Letting By-Gones Be By-Gones?

The Ford Foundation is partnering with the New Israel Fund, a progressive Jewish organization promoting civil and human rights in Israel and favoring reconcilliation with Palestinians, to create a $20 million grant-making fund for Israeli causes.

Old “Henrich” Ford is probably turning in his grave. Once heralded as the leader of the “international antisemitism movement”, throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Ford published a series of antisemitic screeds in his paper, The Dearborn Independent, which were later collected into the volume The International Jew. Published in Germany as The Eternal Jew, the book became Hitler’s foundation for Mein Kampf.

After a Jewish boycott of Ford motorcars began to exhibit an effect on Ford’s earnings, however, Ford’s tune quickly changed. As Will Rogers said, “Ford used to have it in for Jewish people—until he saw them in Chevrolets.” Now he’s posthumously funding Israeli causes. Now that’s irony…

[UPDATE] The JTA offers this four-part series on the Ford Foundation’s funding of anti-Israel groups.

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