6 thoughts on “Lewis Black on Evangelicals

  1. This guy is hilarious and he is a left wing nut. Dont you think this may cause anti-semitism? Dennis Prager is only pissing of the Muslims, and they are killing us anyway, do we need the Christians to want our blood for their matza now?
    I know he is a comedian, but his point is clear: Christians are full of shit, all Jews are Bible experts, and we are cheap.
    Call me paranoid – is that not offensive?

  2. King did look like he was about to have an accident. Lewis wasn’t very funny, unfortunately.
    Most Christians are decent, including a few Evangelicals, but the ones who get all the media attention are raving lunatics, virtually none of whom ever studied Torah (most Jews I know, haven’t, either).
    They fixate and obsess on non-issue ‘issues,’ like gay marriage, and embryonic stem cell research.
    If they — or Lewis, for that matter — had any understanding of embryonic stem cells, they would know that these cells are undifferentiated until the 5th day, which is why research into them is so promising.
    As it is very, very rare for a woman to know she is pregnant five days after becoming so, it is virtually impossible for these woman to run out and have abortions so that these cells (‘blastocysts’) can be used experimentally.
    However, in vitro conception allows for this knowledge, and anyone who is opposed to embryonic stem cell research, should also be opposed to in vitro fertilization techniques.
    But then, again, this is a huge money-making operation, controlled by just a handful of businessmen, many of whom have connections to the Bush Dynasty (sorry, I do not have time to figure out where I filed all of my documentation on this financial relationship).

  3. Hey, krik, I absolutely have a sense of humor — when something’s funny.
    I practically peed myself from Mobius’s posts on the Palestinians climbing over the wall!

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