Limmud 2006 schedule now online

The first draft of the Limmud 2006 schedule is now online. If you’ve been thinking about coming to the conference, this should seal the deal:
A few highlights:

  • Elliot Dorff, Gordon Tucker and Judith Hauptman discuss the future of the Conservative movement
  • Ruth Gruber’s eyewitness account of the voyage of the ship Exodus 1947
  • Jewish and secular perspectives on adoption with Moshe Bleich
  • Ben Dreyfus of Kol Zimrah, Musician Debbie Friedman, Pardes Rosh Yeshivah Danny Landes and Daniel Siegel on “The Difficulty of Davening”
  • Jewish Week editor Gary Rosenblatt looks at the growing gap between American Jewry and Israel
  • Loolwa Khazzoom on Women, Music and Sephardic Culture
  • The kabbalah of money with Conservative Brazilian Rabbi Nilton Bonder, who is also president of the Institute for Religious Studies (the largest forum for civil rights in Latin America)
  • Ruth Messinger on genocide in Darfur
  • A Jewish songwriting and music making workshop with Basya Schechter of Pharaoh’s Daughter
  • Voices of Jewish Women of Color with Yolanda Shoshana

There’s something for everyone at Limmud NY.
Join Jews of all stripes — sign up now before you get closed out: www.limmudny.org

3 thoughts on “Limmud 2006 schedule now online

  1. yes, in fact Yolanda Shoshana is Jewish. She is leading a session called:
    Voices of Jewish Women of Color – What do you know about Jewish women who are not white and Ashkenazi?
    This workshop will discuss Jewish women from different races and cultures. We will explore cultural differences and look at how the women are marginalized within the Jewish community. Also, we will look at the accomplishments of Jewish women of color in society.
    Everyone should check it out!

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