Limmud NY 2006: Debbie and Danny and Basya (oh my!)

The latest Limmud NY post, from the one and only Alyssa Frank:
As Shamirpower mentioned in her last posting, the Limmud NY Conference promises to be an amazing opportunity to explore exciting new Jewish ideas, to meet hip Jews like yourselves, and to experience true Catskills kitsch. This year’s conference will also feature some spectacular performances and sessions where you can learn from some of the hottest artists around.

  • On Friday, create a new movement ritual for donning the tallit with Risa Jaroslow, and spend the late evening revelling in Chassidism at Pearl Gluck and Jenny Romaine’s funky Friday night tish.
  • On Saturday, experience Robbie Gringras‘ creative tale about Middle East conflict, “About the Oranges,” and then see superstars Debbie Friedman and Danny Maseng perform together.
  • And on Sunday, sharpen your acting skills at Tracey Erin Smith’s “Soul-O-Theatre” workshop, and enjoy Limmud NY’s mega event, featuring Basya Schechter of Pharaoh’s Daughter with surprise appearances by Limmud volunteers and performers.

For information on more exciting Limmud NY 2006 arts programs check out the schedule, and sign up today!

2 thoughts on “Limmud NY 2006: Debbie and Danny and Basya (oh my!)

  1. I can’t be there cause I’m in the holy land.
    But I saw “About the Oranges” last year and it’s amazing.
    And I know Danny Maseng personally…I wouldn’t hesitate to say he’s one of the most talented and amazing people I’ve met in my lifetime.
    If you’re considering…GO GO GO

  2. Just perusing the site and noticed that Tracey Erin Smith will be performing her one woman show, The Burning Bush! at Limmud! I saw her at the Edmomton Fringe Festival and she brought the house down!! Can’t wait to see it again and this time I’ll be there early to get a good seat!

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