Limmud NY 2006: We got to pray just to make it today

As shamirpower said below, sign up NOW for Limmud NY so that you can get a spot before registration closes!
If you still need another reason to go, check out all the prayer options. Limmud NY is a diverse and pluralistic Jewish community, and the extensive array of services reflects this diversity. This isn’t just Hillel, with three services corresponding to the major denominations. Limmud NY will have 15 different types of services throughout the conference (including 6 each on Friday night and Saturday morning), none of which is named after a denomination.
And here they are! See the schedule for details.
Three times a day from Friday morning to Monday morning:

  • Traditional Egalitarian [Debbie Kaufman, coordinator]
  • Traditional Mechitza [Raffi Cohen, coordinator]

Friday morning:

  • Learners’ Service [Sarah Chandler]

Friday evening:

  • Family Service [Avi Fox-Rosen]
  • Learners’ Service [Abby Sosland]
  • Musical Service [Ben Dreyfus]
  • Neo-Hassidic Jewish Renewal Service [Daniel Siegel]

Saturday morning:

  • Family Service [Sarah Chandler]
  • Four Worlds Service [Mitch Chefitz]
  • Mechitza Service Led by Men and Women [Joe Septimus, coordinator]
  • Musical Service [Debbie Friedman and Danny Maseng]

Saturday afternoon:

  • Afternoon Delight with the Shabbat Queen [Shoshana Jedwab and Jill Hammer]

Saturday evening:

  • Musical Service [Alyssa Frank]

Sunday morning:

  • Contemplative Service [Or Rose]
  • Prayerful Yoga [Adam Berman]

Sunday afternoon:

  • Singing and Meditation Service [Leah Berkowitz]

Sunday evening:

  • Stargazing [Sarah Chandler]

Monday morning:

  • Chanting and Meditative Shacharit [Adam Berman]
  • Martin Luther King Day Freedom Service [Nate Fay]

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