Limmud NY will make you smarter and more attractive

OK. So maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but Limmud NY is pretty damn great.
It’s an annual gathering of hundreds of Jews of every age (tots to college students to twentysomethings to ¬†families to retirees) and background (Orthodox to Renewal to non/post/trans-denominational to Conservative to Reform to secular to whatever the hell else you call yourself).
We’re there to learn, sing, hang out, drink, teach and bask in the glory of the broadest definition of Torah you can conjure up.
This year it’s MLK weekend: Jan. 14-17. And it’s at the Hudson Valley Resort in the Catskills.
At Limmud NY, everything is volunteer-run and everyone is a learner and a teacher.
You can register here. Fees go up after December 16. And there’s always scholarship money available, so don’t be discouraged by prices.
And you can check out some of this year’s confirmed presenters here.
Here’s everything I’ve ever written about Limmud NY.

4 thoughts on “Limmud NY will make you smarter and more attractive

  1. Hi David,
    I think Limmud is awesome, and I’m glad you are posting about it! I was a bit uncomfortable with your language about everyone who is coming “every age (tots to college students to twentysomethings to families to retirees)” I know Jewschool has written about the invisibleness of the over 30 singles before, but I just wanted to highlight that there will definitely be people who are between 20somethings and retirees who do something other than make a family. I think it’s important to keep them in the discourse when we talk about everyone.

  2. As I just wrote to a near-identical comment on the version of this post over my personal blog:
    It was not meant as a list of all of the examples of they ages and life stages of the people who will be there. Rather, it was meant as a set of examples from within a larger range of possibilities.
    If I said, “Limmud NY’s 300+ sessions cover every topic, from A to Z,” you would understand that I did not mean that the topics include only A and Z, but rather that I mean everything in the possible range, including A, Z and all of the other letters.
    To clarify, dear friends, there are people in every conceivable state of life at Limmud NY. There is programming for kids (that doesn’t treat them like idiots!). And last year, there were multiple octogenarians as well.

  3. The building will indeed be heated, themicah. Last year, we moved to what we hope is gonna be a permanent home at the Hudson Valley Resort, which was nice and toasty all weekend last January. They installed a new heating system a couple of years ago and all the rooms have individual heating units.

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