LimmudNY: Don't procrastinate like I usually do.

If you’ve been thinking about coming to LimmudNY 2008, now’s the time! Possible excuses and why these excuses are invalid include the following:
1. I always do everything at the last minute. Why not this? (This is my personal favorite, because until last week, it was my excuse!)
Late registration fees begin to accumulate in two days, on December 21. Waiting will cost you an extra $50.
More importantly, LimmudNY has sold out each of the three years that it’s happened, so waiting might cost you the whole experience.
2. I can’t afford it. (This was my backup excuse if someone found a way around the first one.)
There is still scholarship money available. It would be sad if the generous folks who gave money towards scholarships were left with the impression that their donations were unnecessary or not warmly welcomed. You wouldn’t want to make them feel bad, would you? I thought that there might be no scholarship money available to me, because I work full-time and am more than five years out of college. I was wrong. There was! You, too, can afford LimmudNY whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, un/under-employed, or just a hardworking non-profiteer like me.
3. I live in Brooklyn and don’t want to schlep up to the Upper West Side to take the bus.
There’s a bus directly from Brooklyn this year!
4. I’ll be bored.
This is the worst excuse of them all. It won’t hold water. There’s no way you’ll be bored! Just look at this list of presenters!
5. Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. What is LimmudNY?
Okay, so I can’t answer all of your questions in one brief blog post. Start here for some basic information about LimmudNY and watch this space for more details.
[This post brought to you by ALG, alumna of LimmudNY ’05 and ’07.]

8 thoughts on “LimmudNY: Don't procrastinate like I usually do.

  1. I’m just psyched because it’s in my backyard this year… the lovely Catskills (if not the loveliest hotel). Thanks for spreading the word that there’s still scholarship funds left… I know a number of people who didn’t bother applying because they thought they wouldn’t qualify. See you there!

  2. It really does seem like a great conference. I would hope that you would consider the following ideas: Can people who live outside the greater NYC metro area also qualify for scholarships? Considering the extra costs to get to the conference from other places I would hope this would be the case. And for people who won’t be at the conference will there be any webcasting of the lectures and events. That would be a great service to the rest of us who live very west of the Hudson. Even further I will make you a deal. My wife and I are sponsoring breakfast at the local Kollel on Dec. 25th. We will give you free breakfast and you can give us a nice scholarhsip to your event. Deal?

  3. If you are a high school, college, or graduate student, scholarship funds are available to you, through the Limmud NY Student Fellowship, as long as you live somewhere in the US or Canada. (This is a separate scholarship fund just for students.)
    If you are not a student, but you either live or work anywhere in New York City (5 boroughs), Long Island, Westchester, or Rockland counties, or the NJ counties of Bergen, Essex, Morris, or Sussex, you are eligible to apply for money from the regular scholarship fund.
    LimmudNY regrets that, except for students, it is unable to offer scholarships to people outside the metro NY area. Note that LimmudNY is one of many Limmuds (Limmudim?). The international list is here. If you live near one of the other Limmuds/im, I recommend that you check them out.

  4. question.. is limmud NY always on MLK weekend? I want to mark my calendar so I can go in 2009 for sure. I can’t come this year because i have to take a Final and start my new semester at college so yeah…

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