LimmudNY Update: Registration Closing and Voting for Podcasts

LimmudNY is just about at capacity, so get your registration ASAP before they sell out (likely) or by the Dec. 30 closing date.
If you miss the deadline or can’t make it this year, all is not lost! As official media sponsor, Shamir will be bringing you regular blogging from LimmudNY. Additionally, Jewschool will be providing FREE podcasts of up to ten classes, lectures, or concerts, based on our readers’ suggestions!
Please take a few minutes to look over the online schedule and put your comments to this post of what you’d like to hear.
Remember, you can view sessions by presenter, time, or even track/theme.
Please note that we cannot guaruntee permission from all teacher and artists to offer free podcasts of their music. We’ll do the best we can!

3 thoughts on “LimmudNY Update: Registration Closing and Voting for Podcasts

  1. Even though I’ll be attending Limmud, I would love it if you guys podcasted Basya Schecter’s Thursday night music making class, as I shan’t be able to make it until Friday. I look forward to seeing you all there.
    Chag urim sameach.

  2. Dear Lord this looks like an amazing conference…
    Well, since I’ll be freezing my arse up North in TO, here’s my picks:
    Torah Teachings of the Sefat Emet
    Jewish Psychology
    Torah on Earth,Torah in Heaven: How Did Jewish Law Develop?
    Finding God in Prayer
    Can ‘Jewish Culture’ Sustain the Jewish People?
    The Big Book of Jewish Mysticism
    What’s Wrong With the American Synagogue and How We Can Fix It
    The Kabbalah of Envy
    What Is the Future of the Conservative Movement?
    Strangers Among Us: What’s So Fascinating About Hasidim?
    Varieties of Modern Orthodoxy

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