Lithuanians Reject Returning Holocaust-Era Seizures

According to The JTA newswire,

Only one in 10 Lithuanians believes Jewish property seized during the Holocaust should be returned, a new poll found. The majority of more than 1,000 Lithuanians polled by a Lithuanian Web site and a local polling firm expressed opposition to the idea of returning Holocaust-era property, the Baltic News Service reported. The poll, taken last month, solicited respondents’ reactions to a September speech by the speaker of Israel’s Knesset, Reuven Rivlin, that criticized Lithuania’s failure to prosecute former Nazi collaborators and called for restitution of Jewish property. Forty-four percent of respondents said they viewed the speech negatively. No margin of error for the survey was given. None of the former Soviet republics has introduced Holocaust-era restitution legislation.

Well that seems about right. How many of 10 Israelis believe in returning Palestinian property lost in the wars of 1948 and 1967? Instant karma’s gonna getcha…

9 thoughts on “Lithuanians Reject Returning Holocaust-Era Seizures

  1. Reading down, I was contemplating a post about Palestine, but you beat me to it.
    What is property and can land be owned? We’re dealing with multiple property laws, that of the current Lithuanian society, Jewish law and pre-war Lithuanian law. Each disagrees but need some sort of reconciliation.
    On Palestine, Jewish law is very strict, the land belongs to the ‘Jews’, it can’t be sold, transferred, lost or otherwise. Doesn’t sound like capitalism, socialism, etc. So what do you do?
    Just to tease, the Native Americans don’t believe in land ownership, but we ‘took’ all of their land? Should we give it back?
    Piece it up, share it in coexistence, nothing seems to be working. What is the solution? (Global tribunal anyone?)

  2. ummmm… the correct analogy would be:
    “How many of 10 Palestinians believe in returning Palestinian property…”
    And the answer would probably be something like 5? 7? Probably more than 1.

  3. no, mo was 100% correct in his original analogy.
    The Lituanians have property that was once in the hands of Jews, but was lost due to war.
    The Israelis have property that was once in the hands on palestinians, but was lost due to war.
    The Palestinians don’t have land to give up, like the jews in lithuania don’t have land to give up.

  4. I must object to the analogy. Jews in Lithuania did not lose their property because of the war, it was taken away from them because they were jewish,the war was just happening around them. A great majority of the “Palestinians” did not have their property taken away from them. as a result of the war they either left because of fear for their life (bullets, bombs, etc) or because of the worsening economic conditions. to equate the two situations is wrong.
    As for returning property I think I’ll start with that small peice of land behind the western wall, and work my way from there.

  5. if you leave your house because bombs are dropping around you and you’re afraid you might get blown up, does that mean that after the war you’re not entitled to go back to your house later?

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