Live long and prosper, zaftig women


Leonard Nimoy, who brought Star Trek the priestly blessing before becoming an art photographer (including “The Shekhina Project”) has just released a new photography book using large women models to replicate famous fashion and art photographs.

I began to become conscious of this question of body size and body image in our culture. I became more aware of what we’re bombarded with in magazines, newspapers and television commercials — “Lose 10 pounds in three weeks! Eat and be thin!” It’s incredible if you stop and think about it. I found this burlesque group in San Francisco called the Fat-Bottom Review. I made arrangements to photograph them in San Francisco and then again in Los Angeles.

Catch his interview here.
(And do look at that link for the priestly blessing; I didn’t know there was a whole ring of “TrekJews”, and the link is to an excerpt from the upcoming Jewish Themes in Star Trek… just not my world…)

5 thoughts on “Live long and prosper, zaftig women

  1. FOr some reason this exchange above reminds me of people after the Dove beauty campaign saying that the women in it were fat and they didn’t want to look at fat women – the amazing part, of course, being that they WEREN”T fat – not even a little bit – they simply weren’t dramatically underweight. Now, I’m not arguing that the woman in teh picture above is a healthy weight, but it does speak to our expectations of women and their bodies. We have a long way to go before people stop feeling free to comment that women should be different – and less- than we are. Charming Hostess has a great song about this on

  2. Consider this. Twiggy, the model that became the icon for female beauty said in 2009 “I always hated what I looked like, I thought I looked skinny and funny and too shy and too small. I thought everyone had gone stark raving mad” Refer to the following website: Now, what does that say, especially after looking at art painted by Peter Paul Rueben and the “plump women” portrayed

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