Locate the Hate

Here’s a map of active hate groups in the United States as of 2003, courtesy of the folks over at Tolerance.org.

According to this map, there are 751 different active hate groups here in the U.S. That adds up to a whole lot of hate, but apparently everybody’s getting along swimmingly in South Dakota and Vermont.

Click on the individual states for deeper analysis.

48 thoughts on “Locate the Hate

  1. Seems to me that the more homogenious the region the less hate. It’s not so much that northern MN or SD are so lovey-dovey it’s just that all the people there are white anglos or live seperately on Indian Reservations….

  2. Clicking on the states themselves reveals more. For instance, did you have any idea there was such a Neo-Nazi presence on Long Island?

  3. Are the FBI and CIA considered hate groups? What is a hate group? What about when cops kill innocent people because of the color of their skin? Are they then committingn acts of hate.

  4. I do so love living in Ohio. Home of several of the Hate-Music Lables. (Specifically in the Cleveland Area. And of course that is where I live.)
    Also they have the JDL listed. While I am not sure of he entire ideology of that group, I found that interesting.

  5. Daniel, to answer your question: the FBI and CIA are not considered hate groups.

  6. Little Wolf:
    source: ADL
    “We feel that [Baruch] Goldstein took a preventative measure against yet another Arab attack on Jews. We understand his motivation, his grief and his actions. And we are not ashamed to say that Goldstein was a charter member of the Jewish Defense League.”
    May 22, 1970:
    Six unidentified members of the JDL stormed into the offices of two Arab propaganda agencies in New York. Three Arab men were severely beaten with wooden clubs, and the offices were left in disarray. The three victims were hospitalized. Responding to reports that JDL literature was found at the scene of the attacks, Kahane did not take credit for the assaults but stated that “If we did [take credit], we’d be open to all sorts of problems. We obviously can’t.” He then proceeded to express his approval of the attacks.
    September 27, 1970:
    Two members of the JDL, Avraham and Nancy Hershkovitz, were arrested in an alleged plot to hijack an Arab airliner. The two were arrested at Kennedy Airport carrying firearms and explosives. They were later indicted on six counts by a grand jury but pleaded guilty only to a charge of passport falsification.
    October 11, 1985:
    The West Coast headquarters of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is bombed, killing its Palestinian-American director, Alex Odeh and injuring 7 others. A JDL spokesman declared that Odeh “got exactly what he deserved.”

  7. Shifra, Do you pester Mobius to remove his “Jesus was a kike” shirt from the site? If not, ask yourself why. Then come back and we’ll talk. Best wishes.

  8. Well Ms. Jew if you really feel that your name best represents who you are as a person then who am I to argue with you.
    For the record, it’s not because of the word “nigger” that I asked you to reconsider your name choice, it’s because it’s a whole bizzare sentence which If I’m not mistaken was created in response to some specific posts.
    In short, it’s dated.
    Move on.

  9. In response to your question though, Moby’s shirt doesn’t bother me because it has a point. Something like: Before you go ahead and call Jews Kikes remember that JC was one of ours to begin with.
    That, and it’s funny.

  10. Well, I personaly think it’s funny that Mobius’ sister called me by this “bizarre sentence” as you call it. It is indeed bizarre, but you are obviously not obliged to think it’s funny. I mean, do you pester other people when their name is not funny to you?
    De gustibus non est disputandum!

  11. Faster than lightening…Brown reminds us that: “You Jews also have your racists” Thanks Brown. But it was the JDL who came to Chomedy, Laval in the 70’s to protect Jews who were getting there asses threatened by the Greeks. And it was the JDL who had the chutzpah to show up at a Zundel rally and tell the nazis to f-off:
    For me, the difference is defence vs. offence. In general, I believe the JDL exists to protect Jews when other’s refuse, or are unable to. John wants you to believe they’re the same as the KKK. You choose.

  12. “John wants you to believe they’re the same as the KKK. You choose.”
    Why do we have to choose?

  13. You shouldn’t have to, and that’s my point. But if you must I was hoping to provide a little bit of context with respect to the differences between the JDL, and say, the KKK.

  14. Just checked out the map…not one Muslim group. Interesting. Because I’m sure there are at least 3-4 that preach hate in Montreal alone. Hell, in Vancouver a Muslim newspaper printed a vile editorial from Edgar J Steele. And then defended the piece via the “free speech” shtick. Now, perhaps I’m missing something here, but is there NO Musliim groups operating in the US that would be considered a “hate group” along the lines of the JDL? Just wondering.

  15. I think of the JDL similar to how I think of the Black Panthers. A little good and a little bad. They defend at risk areas, but sometimes get overzealous. That can be a real problem. I am all for Jews carrying guns, but limiting use of such guns to defense against imminent threats to life. The problem is that JDL does not require a threat to be imminent. JDL may attack an amorphous group of people because of the perceived risk created by a few of its members.

  16. I’d say that historically the KKK is worse. But that now, far-right wing Jewish groups pose a greater threat to *world* peace than the KKK does now. The Baruch Goldsteins of the world have proven to be quite dangerous and threaten the new possiblity of reconcilliation between the Jews and Arabs now that Arafat is dead.
    As for Muslim hate groups. I’m sure they’re being watched, but not by “tolerance.org” Interesting though.

  17. The fact that Barch Goldstein is used as a catch-all for Jewish extremism is quite telling. Having worked for Federation CJA, spent time in the IDF, and daven in all sorts of shuls (mostly Orthodox), I have never…NEVER met anyone in the league of Baruch G. So to say that one man (hell two…three…four) categorizes a “greater threat to *world* peace than the KKK” is silly. Although I’d agree with you that the KKK does not pose a threat to world peace either. Rather, I enjoy watching their news via streaming video. You can’t make that shit up.

  18. If one KKK member had assasinated a President of the USA, in the last 10 years I would have said that they pose something like a genuine threat to world peace. I wouldn’t call BG a ‘catch-all” but that he did serious damage is uncontroversial. That the JDL supported his actions is itself “telling” and unforgivable.
    *Any* support of the radical right-wing is as bad as any support of the radical left “Israel is apartheid” crew. I mean, that is, if one realy wants a practical solution where everyone can get along.

  19. And while I appreciate the defense part of the JDL, ms. black jew and i agree i.e. the radical right/left are the same. The radical Right being much more entertaining though.

  20. If we are going to talk about the most entertaining hate-groups. I would go with Christian Identity groups as most “entertaining” of them all.
    “The Christian Identity religion asserts that whites, not Jews, are the true Israelites favored by God in the Bible. In most of its forms, Identity theology depicts Jews as biologically descended from Satan, while non-whites are seen as soulless “mud people” created with the other Biblical “beasts of the field.” ”

  21. It’s also nice to know that although most of these groups really hate each other they hate us even more. Strong work people…

  22. It would be interesting to recalculate the map based on population, like a per capita hate.
    I say that if I can call myself a kike or shylock, then ms. black jew can call herself a nigger. It’s even more justified since it’s not too rare for black people to call each other niggers, while Jews rarely call themselves kike.

  23. shtremel wrote: “ Faster than lightening…Brown reminds us that: “You Jews also have your racists” Thanks Brown.
    You can go whine at the ADL for reminding people, or at tolerance.org for including JDL among the hate groups

  24. John Brown:
    I think that it was interesting that you took my simple statement about the JDL and gave a very one sided view of the JDL. It like any organization ( and I stress the term ANY) it has good people and bad people. Unfortunately bad people with weapons seem to be compelled to use them. I think my point was actually pick up best by Shtreimel, I found it interesting that JDL was listed, of course they had some Black extremist groups, mostly Nation Of Islam, but nothing on the Islamic groups. CAIR has advocated or supported terrorist attacks in the Middle East, isn’t that similar to the JDL expressing support for Baruch Goldstein?
    Josh: Actually if you look at per capita hate movements there would be one number that you would need that I not sure would be easy to obtain accurately, and that would be membership of the organizations. I think they would have issues with giving out ‘accurate’ information, and then you would need to weed out people who are involved in more than one organization.
    THH: What I found most interesting about the Christian Ideology movement from the website was that it said many of the Hate groups are moving away from it, for what appeared to be 2 reasons. 1. that there was no central ‘church’ theology, and 2. that they were becoming more tied into the pagan religious movements in this country. From Phsycology studies done of individuals in the Pagan movements many of the people who participate have low self-esteem issues, and I would say the same of many participants of the racial-extremist groups as well.
    As far as some of the other groups. What concerns me about some of the older groups, like the KKK, is that they are moving more into the main stream with the way they present their message. (David Dukes coves to mind though his attempts have been a national failure, and he is no longer , technically involved with the KKK) David Dukes did show some of these groups one thing, that if you take your message and present it in a pretty package and spray it with a little perfume, you will get out to a wider audience.

  25. Little Wolf wrote: “CAIR has advocated or supported terrorist attacks in the Middle East, isn’t that similar to the JDL expressing support for Baruch Goldstein?
    But JDL don’t just sympathize with Baruch Goldtein. JDL actually has performed acts (and conspired to perform acts) of terrorism against Arabs for no other reason other than their being Arabs.

  26. It’s true that it’s nice to see someone taking direct action against neo-nazis, as The JDL are not what their name implies. It’s nice to see people establishing patrols against neo nazis and such, as the JDL purport to do, but unprovoked bombings of Arab-Americans and violent support of the settler movement do not qualify as “defense.” It’s natural to be more comfortable with “our own” racists – and I’ve read Kahane’s manifesto by the way – but if we start coddling them, we’d better be ready to accept that Aryan Nations is a “white pride” organization, for the defense of white people.

  27. Hey, they say JDL is is Sacramento- I’m from there and there is definitely no JDL there- and believe me, if there was, many people I know would be in it, so yea… (which isn’t to say that i’d agree with them by the way). also, have to say, notice how many hate groups in Northern CA with relatively few people. *streches* yea, my shul got burned down by these guys.

  28. The White Wolves in Southern Connecticut are a rising problem mostly for their active attacks on gay people.
    My mother was so scared of them last halloween she wouldnt let me sister trick or treat.
    I’ve been talkin to this girl in my ulpan about Betach, the settle it with your fists jewish street gang in paris – she both loves and hates them, i guess its a no win situation. When I was living in Berlin, I regularly say neonazis. what a joke they are! f’pischachs!

  29. Talking about the map not being useful unless per-capita, well, it’s not exactly comprehensive either. There are hate groups in North Eastern CT, including a sect of the KKK in the Scotland area. I really don’t know what tolerance.org considers active, but just because a group is keeping it quiet, doesn’t mean they aren’t there teaching their kids and neighbors.

  30. John Brown:
    CAIR has taken steps toward direct action. They have had several ‘top’ members of the organization arrested for either ties to terrorist (both ‘domestic cells’ and foreign) and for some evidence of more direct planning. It is really only a matter of time. JDL is older than CAIR, they have had more time to take action against the people they consider enemies.
    And I would like to repeat what I said in my original post, I really don’t know much about the overall aims and goals of the JDL, I just found the fact that they were on the list to be interesting considering that there was no Islamic ‘hate’ groups listed, and I have to believe that they have to be out there.

  31. dude, this whole website is a hategroup = hatred against Jews – I really don’t understand why you’re getting all worried when in effect you are one of their biggest helps.

  32. how can a JEWISH SITE list the J.d.l as a hate group they have done some realy good things and i cant think of anything bad they say. ps jdl alsow helped an arab resteraunt owner in l.a. when he was being harassed by jews

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