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LOLCatz sez: Peace. Ur doin it wrong.

So in my attempt to lighten the mood and put my inappropriate sense of humor to use, I set about recaptioning those hilarious (to me) pictures of cats known as LOLCats. 
But the people who thought this was funny really missed the OTHER LOLCat images I recaptioned which I’m sure they’d laugh at a lot less:

You can check out more (MOAR) of my contribution to the media war here. You can also recaption them yourself. Post any great ones to the comments and we’ll post the best ones.

9 thoughts on “LOLCatz sez: Peace. Ur doin it wrong.

  1. The best part of the antisemitism lolcat (which I didn’t see until just now) is the “(zionist)” in between ALL and JUICE. High fives all around.
    Also, KFJ, what I love about your other lolcats is that they’re fair and balanced.

  2. Amazing, they not only have religious prejudices, but dietary ones too?! I can just imagine it. “I hate those juices. Still not as bad as those milkshakes, bloody milkshakes!”

  3. I’ve never commented here before, but the one about “Death to all Juice” reminded me about something my son said. No, really. He was about two and a half at the time. We were in the car, and he started talking about how Haman was mean because he wanted to kill all the Jews. This was several months after Purim so it was really out of the blue. And then he said, “It’s not nice to kill the Jews. We only drink them.”

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