Long Piece on Sharon in NYTimes Mag…


Now 76, Sharon can plausibly lay claim to having shaped his state’s geographic and moral terrain and international image — for better or for worse — more than any other Israeli leader since David Ben-Gurion. There is no single American figure to compare him with. He is Andrew Jackson, George Patton, Robert Moses.

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6 thoughts on “Long Piece on Sharon in NYTimes Mag…

  1. “…pretty scating article.”
    True. It’s too bad, because there was potential for the NYT to allow Sharon to state his position without too much interpretation from the journalist. Alas, this journalist couldn’t wait to find all that is wrong with everything that Sharon fears and/or celebrates. Typical.

  2. I can see how a Sharon supporter would find the article negative. Take it from someone who came to the article a raving Sharon-hater, though; I thought it humanized him. I mean, I still think the things he does are grievously wrong, but I understand more where he’s coming from.

  3. I guess it depends on whether one attributes a negative or positive value judgement to someone who fancies themself an heir to the nordau’s “jew with muscles” or a “jewish warrior”

  4. “…I can see how a Sharon supporter”
    I live in Vancouver. My “support” for Sharon, Peres, etc., is minimal at best. However, I can appreciate a politician who loves their people/land, is strategically sound/brave in thier understanding of a conflict, humble/loving towards their family and friends, spiritual but not zealous, all the while they are being vilified, compared to Hitler, etc., by folks in the international community. A man like that I respect. And I feel it is obnoxious for a NYT journalist, with 3 years of Israeli living under his belt, to interview Sharon, and after the fact, provide their take on how things would be more peaceful in the area.

  5. I won’t bother reading the article,
    but perhaps Sharon will finally realize that it’s pointless to change the ‘bulldozer’ image and that people voted for the likud, not the labour in the last election.

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