Loose ends

  • Single Jewish girls everywhere, we’re sorry to tell you that Zach Braff is no longer on the market. He reportedly asked on-again off-again girlfriend and shiksa goddess Mandy Moore to be his kallah maildle.
  • Ashton Kutcher is upset that the producers of his new film The Guardian made him take off his red Kabbalah bracelet in the film. This sounds awfully close to another story about Ashton from a year ago.
  • Even Christians don’t like Britney Spears.
  • Like father (and mother), like son.
  • Last week we told you that Matthew Perry joined the cast of Jewish scribe Aaron Sorkin’s new high-concept TV show. Now comes word that fellow member of the tribe Amanda Peet has signed on.
  • Now in theatres: Fateless.
  • Now in theatres (in Turkey): Gary Busey stars as a Jewish doctor who steals organs to sell to Israel. Seriously.

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2 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Benyamin, “shiksa” is a curse. I notice you don’t use the word “schvartza” in AJL. Time to drop “shiksa,” “shagitz” and “goyim” from your magaze too. If the only thing keeping us together as a people and making us feel like “insiders” is the use of denigrating Hebrew and Yiddish terminology for others, that’s pretty sad.
    I hope this doesn’t sound like politically-correct censorship, because it’s not. I’m a Jew, I know what those words mean, and they’re offensive, and they’re meant to be offensive, and that’s not how you’re going to keep me interested in being part of your magazine community. Maybe in the Bible “goyim” simply means “the nations,” but when it’s the only Hebrew word in an otherwise English article, we all know what’s implied. “Shiksa” and “shagitz” are intentionally offensive by design. I cringe when I see the words in AJL or Heeb or anywhere else, especially when the user thinks they’re being cute. It’s not cute. It doesn’t make me feel like an insider, it makes me feel like an outsider and quite frankly glad that I left the shtetl.
    Sorry to make you work harder as a writer to come up with something more clever, but it’s time we strike those words from our collective vocabulary.

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