5 thoughts on “Lose the orange and get naked

  1. Public nudity? When I want to display that I am pissed about something, I usually don’t consider stripping to express myself.
    I can’t see what this has accomplished other than getting a tad bit more press for the anti-disengagement movement (which I’m pretty sure anyone who would give a damn about it knows about by now).
    Now excuse me, I’m going to go streaking in support of the living wage.

  2. It is more a statement of where we are at that simply taking off ones clothing is news at all.
    You can be sure that G-d does not hide his eyes from such an act.
    Only man shuns G-d’s creation. Himself.
    Sad that.

  3. A Torah scholar getting naked as a protest is pretty damn radical!
    It was common during the Vietnam for Buddhist monks and nuns to perform the act of self immolation in protest. They would sit down in the street in a lotus position, pour a canister of petrol over themselves and then light a match. For a photo of this shocking site click here : http://www.temple.edu/history/
    I hope no anti-disengagements militants resort to this.

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