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Lupolianski Caves, Suspends Mughrabi Construction

Haaretz reports,

Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski announced late Sunday night that he has decided to postpone construction of the walkway at the Mugrabi Ascent until zoning authorities complete plans for the area.
“The Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, together with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi for the Kotel and Holy Places, decided last night to allow public discussion of the plans to construct the Mugrabi Bridge at the planning and construction committees,” city spokesman Gideon Schmerling said in a statement.
“This is due to the sensitivity of the plan and following meetings and discussions with representatives from eastern Jerusalem who requested to look over the plans and voice their opinions.”

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11 thoughts on “Lupolianski Caves, Suspends Mughrabi Construction

  1. this might not stop the “tunneling” fears and accusations:
    “Scmerling added that the archeological work conducted by the Antiquities Authority at the site would continue.”

  2. From AFP:
    But Jerusalem mufti Sheikh Mohammed Hussein said that the decision to suspend the public works while continuing excavations was insufficient.
    “Only an announcement from the Israeli government ordering a halt to all work once and for all, and authorizing the Waqf to embark on the necessary repair work will satisfy us,” he said. “This is an aggression against the Al Aqsa mosque and the world has called for this aggression to stop,” he added.

  3. what about israel making this ALIVE Cameras that have been suggested!!! really, it seems good idea so that muslims will not be informed from ‘goos and bad’ people about whats happening there..
    personally, I dont know who to believe.. some shiekhs say that they are destroying the mosque yard itself, some say away, some say it is only the fear to affect the mosques in future and weaken its infrastructure so that it will be destroyed by the first slight earthquake..
    But if there is nothing wrong, I ask Israel to Put these alive Cameras!!

  4. Is not the headline here “Lupianski CAVES” – a rather right-wing formulation of what took place, and an extreme right-wing formulation at that? “Lupianski Calms Exceedingly Dangerous Situation” or some such might have been more appropriate. For an appreciation of Lupianksi’s important contribution here, see Bradley Burston in Haaretz –
    Even more peculiar is that the right-wing “Lupianski Caves” headline is coming not from the settlers or even the government but
    from – a self-proclaimed anarchist and anti-Zionist!! Is this not a bit strange?

  5. i refuse to support the abuse of reality for any political agenda, whether left or right wing.
    i refuse to allow people to use the threat of violence to scare others into submission to their will.
    we are allowing extremist violence to rule our decisionmaking, setting a disastrous precedent.
    i agree that the gov’t could’ve been more sensitive and inclusive in the process of repairing the path. but that is in no way an excuse for the palestinian leadership and its adherents to behave in the manner they are. we should not reward that behavior by affirming its efficacy.

  6. Call it what you want – this episode furthewr demonstrates that Israeli politicians have no backbone whatsoever.
    This should not even have been a controversy. Some A-Rabs throw some bottles and evertyone has a shit fit.
    Despite the fact this construction could not have possibly – in your wildest imagination – damaged the temple mount it is stopped. Why? I have absolutely no faith in ANY Israeli politician. Period. Right – Left whatever, its all the same crap.
    Can anyone in Israel or very in tune with the politics tell us who their Barack Obama is? Does any Israeli politician inspire hope?

  7. Mobius, just being a teensy bit smart here, but… how is A-rabs racist? It’s offensive, to be sure, but it’s just a slightly different way of saying the word. Like people who say I-raq or I-ran.
    Just wondering where it will all end…. Speaking as a J-ew and an A-merican of course….
    I guess I want to preserve the ability to be offensive, but not racist.

  8. you’re right, mobius. we should forge full speed ahead, or the violence will be worse if cave into it, whereas if we keep doing what were doing, the violence will only get worse. surely there’s a better way than this….

  9. Some Arabs (I assume leaving the hyphen out saves me from getting banned, right?) are going to be angry no matter what. Of those who are angry, there are opportunistic extremists who will use whatever excuse they can to be violent. So, if there is going to be violence, it seems to make sense to get it over with now rather than drag it out. Don’t let this fester!
    Or, the Israel Antiquities Authority could just announce that they have found archaeological evidence that there never was such thing as a Jewish temple on the site. But, I don’t think that will happen. Nor would it help.

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