Lyonne Hits Rock Bottom

Crazy neighbor Natasha Lyonne is in some serious shit. The Miami Herald reports,

American Pie star Natasha Lyonne is fighting for her life in a Manhattan hospital, after being found with hepatitis C, a heart infection and a collapsed lung, reports TV Guide Online.
The New York Post says that Lyonne was also found with track marks, and is undergoing methadone treatment, typically used to help heroin users.

However, we shouldn’t know about any of this:

According to the New York Daily News, her father Aaron Braunstein is planning to sue [Beth Israel Medical Center] for $180 million after an article appeared in the New York Post detailing the 26-year-old actress’ medical condition and alleged methadone therapy.
Braunstein says, “They broke the patient-doctor confidentiality rule. It’s my child, my little girl. Why would someone do something like that?”

Because people are gossip whores?
(c/o Andy)

2 thoughts on “Lyonne Hits Rock Bottom

  1. I know her father… lives on the Island and drives a mazzarati (sp?) he also carries a sidearm at all times AND has been seen carrying a mini-uzi to a wedding once… DON’T MESS.
    I ain’t joking.

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