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"Ma Nishtana? A New Generation of Voices at the Table"

This is a guest post by Sarah Beller, Director of Programming and Education at the J Street Education Fund, which houses J Street U, J Street’s grassroots chapter network, and J Street’s Rabbinic Council.
What do Peter Beinart, the Mishnah, and modern Pesach seders have in common?  They all invite young people to ask crucial questions and join in a robust intergenerational conversation.  Open a nuanced and thoughtful discussion around Israel at your seder this year using J Street’s Passover Seder Supplement, “Ma Nishtana? A New Generation of Voices at the Table.” Chag sameach!

One thought on “"Ma Nishtana? A New Generation of Voices at the Table"

  1. Ah, JStreetU again.
    Say, didn’t we hear about how at the last JStreet convention how ‘hundreds’ of students shouted out the names of their campuses and how raring, willing and able they were to start up new chapters of JStreetU on their campuses?
    Well its been well over a month since then and how many new chapters have started up? Hundreds? Dozens? One?
    How about zero.
    But its worse than that. The two branches that were ‘pending’ at the time of the convention are still ‘pending’.
    6 weeks on the road to nowhere.
    Yet another reason to have a Happy Pesach everyone!

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