Mad Men's Slow Jewification

 Michael Ginsberg, played by Ben Feldman, is the new Jewish copywriter on the AMC award-winning show "Mad Men."  (Michael Yarish/AMC)
Peggy Olsen is shacking up with dating one.  Roger Sterling married and is now divorcing one.  Don Draper slept with not just one but two.  The  agency hired one, fired one, and now has hired another.
JEWS!  In this season’s premiere, we met Michael Ginsberg, annoying up and comer hired as a copywriter for SCDP because Roger Sterling thinks a new account news a Jew.  When Ginsberg arrives home, his immigrant Tateh bentches his son on his getting a new job (dovbear tried dissecting this).  Its not the first Jew we’ve met on the show (I always thought Harry Crane might be ‘passing’ after uttering Ganef and Tsuris) but its the first outright Jewish moment since season one.
Now Peggy’s boyfriend says things like Bracha.  Ginsberg reveals he was born in a concentration camp.  Roger’s wife Jane, nee Seigel, on an acid trip, quotes her father in Yiddish.
Where is Mad Men’s Matt Weiner taking all of this?  LA Times and NY Times give their recaps and thoughts.  Nu? What’s yours?

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