6 thoughts on “Madge Barred From Egypt

  1. I say if Madonna wants to be Jewish, let her. There are so many “born Jews” that don’t, we should embrace those who seem to have a fire in the heart for Judaism.

  2. That would be well and good if the Kabbalah Center actually promoted Judaism and not some strange, exploitational bastardization.

  3. Jews arent allowed into EGYPT WTF??
    Not that Maddona is Jewish, she is more like, Jew light.
    May the light of gods eternal oneness shine on you, as teh holy Zohar says . Aloyah, ben turno, bifin, zeguria, al diskrichunasana.
    Send me 2,000 Gold dinars, or the American Equivilant, and I will translate that to you into the LAz “English”. You will be enlightened and also become better than those trampy Scientologists.

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