Madonna Gets Testy Over Kabbalah Critiques

WB 39 reports,

Pop superstar Madonna has urged the press to research the Kabbalah faith before attacking her passion for the mystic offshoot of Judaism.

The singer is furious about the barrage of criticism she’s received for evangelizing the controversial religion, and believes the media would be more supportive if they were less ignorant about the faith. The Kabbalah is studied by many celebrities including Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Paris Hilton.

Er, well, as clearly demonstrated by this article, she does have a point.

3 thoughts on “Madonna Gets Testy Over Kabbalah Critiques

  1. I heard here speaking on NPR and she hasn’t a clue. She claims that Kabbalah pre-dates religion, that Shakespeare was influenced by Kabbalah, etc, etc, then goes on to scorn Jews for believing they are the choosen people (a concept which she lumped with Christians believing that those who don’t believe in Christ were going to hell). Why couldn’t she have decided to be a Buhdist instead of dragging us into the mind numbing world of pop-religions?

  2. I remember watching the “Like A Prayer” video when it came out in ’89, and someone expressed relief that it was the Catholics who were getting the Madonna treatment and not us. But I couldn’t help but think that our turn would come. And here we are.
    Maybe she’ll antagonize that third major monotheistic religion next. Can you say “fatwa”?

  3. don’t we hold that kabbalah predates relgion? that it was a mesora from like, shem and ever to avraham Avenu? The idea that we’ve misunderstood the chosen people thing goes back o ashlag, doesn’t it? He maintained in the Sulam that the true purpose of torah and moshiach was not for the jews, but for the rest of the world.

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