Madonna Shomer Shabbos?!

You heard it here first, kids.

Queen of pop Madonna is refusing to perform on Friday nights on her forthcoming world tour — because her religion disallows it. According to The Sun, Madonna, 45, will instead observe the Shabbat — the Jewish Sabbath — and share a meal with those close to her.

Buh? “Her religion?” When did she convert? Cuz uh, you know, Bergian Kabbalah isn’t exactly Judaism…

5 thoughts on “Madonna Shomer Shabbos?!

  1. Mo, I have. The only thing I can say is to look at Zz65-8.jpg (middle, 2nd row) and in your craziest voice, announce “I am the nudist that prays in the night! I am the talit that was mistaken for a scarf. I am… Darkwing Duck!”

  2. Judaism isn’t the only religion that observes the sabbath, Mo. Plus, I know people who have not yet converted but observe Mitzvot. Just because people have a celebrity obsession doesn’t mean she has to be the perfect model of moral consistancy. As far as I’m concerned, she can tattoo a star of David on her shoulder and start wearing a kipah and arbah kanfot. It doesn’t matter to me, or affect my Judaism.

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