Majority of Americans Are Religious Fundamentalists

The International Herald Tribune reports, “A majority of Americans believe that many well-known Bible stories, including that of Moses parting the Red Sea and God creating the world in six days, are true, according to the findings of an ABC News poll. […] Although most Americans believed the story of Noah and the flood word-for-word, a large majority rejected the suggestion that Jews bear the collective responsibility for the death of Jesus, the poll found.”

3 thoughts on “Majority of Americans Are Religious Fundamentalists

  1. I believe it. The media isn’t always reflective of national opinion, and the intelligensia certainly aren’t. Huzzah, especially in this case.

  2. The Jews at the time of Christ and in power to influence a sentance of death on Jesus do not bear all responsibility for killing Jesus. We all bear responsibility because of our sins against God. He died for all of us living now, in the past and those living in the future, not just the Jews. The secular media is always using what ever information, true or not to further its own agenda. I trust nothing they say. I believe in the creation story as told in the Bible. Evolution theorist are everyday being proved wrong and the bible right. As a Catholic I have deep Jewish roots in my faith. Jesus was a Jew. I have nothing against the Jews. May God Bless them all.
    Thanks, Pat

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