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Make chumus, not war

Today’s New York Times reports on “a growing culinary Little Israel, in pockets throughout the East and West Village”, reviewing a number of joints that serve hummus, shakshuka, burekas, and other Israeli favorites — “edible comforts that are ever more poignant now that their region is torn by violence”. We’ll have to take a Jewschool field trip sometime to see for ourselves!
The article says that a third Hummus Place location (in addition to the existing two in the East and West Villages) has opened on the Upper West Side. Is this for real??? Does anyone know where it is?

5 thoughts on “Make chumus, not war

  1. it was an interesting article, mostly because it didn’t pay much attention to the fact that those are incredibly wealthy neighborhoods. Israeli cuisine is there because those who sell it can afford the rents. The same foods can be found much cheaper, and many people would argue, more authentically, in arab enclaves throughout the outer boros. I also read, and I can’t verify this, that the olive oil used at the place on St Marks is actually imported by the owner from the palestinian territories, not from Jewish olives, per se.

  2. My favorite spot is on McDougal, b/n W3rd and Bleeker. It’s called “Hummus” – so good!!! Oh man. Not as good as Said in Acco, but definitely the best I’ve tasted on this side of the ocean. And they play great classic rock mixes. It fits maybe 15 people in total though so if we have a jewschool outing there, we may hafta bust in and “make room.” So let’s make sure there’s at least one strapping blogger coming along.

  3. The village may be trendy, but the best example of Israeli-style falafel (with all the pickles and salads one should expect) in NYC remains in Hell’s Kitchen at Azuri Cafe on 51st just east of 10th Ave. It’s kosher, too. Just don’t expect the owner to smile or say thank you.

  4. I wish I could chime in more.
    there’s a bukharanian/israeli spot on 48th + 6th. it’s a seedy little joint, you gotta go upstairs, and some of the american-style food would gag a pig; but I’ve been pretty please otherwise. bourekas for a buck a piece – kid sells them on the street in front.
    And I don’t see how the sabich is that big a deal – they’ve been selling at Nusbaum and Wu for years (113th + B’way).
    also, themicah’s spot has an upscale neighbor: Tabool (sp?), over in the 50s.
    Israeli spot, not so cheap, but very nice atmosphere, owned by Yemeni Jews. I’ll dig up the address. My uncle, aka He Who Condescends, knows the owners.
    I think it’s funny that people can make the most heymish dish into an upscale food trend.
    Still. I will be taking my fat ass to at least one of these spots in the next few weeks.
    Good post!

  5. I saw the new place under construction– it’s real close to the JCC, so probably at 74th and Amsterdam or so. Also Nargila apparently just opened up where Dougie’s used to be on 72nd. The east side Nargila is easily one of my favorite places, so it’s nice to have one a little bit closer to home!
    yeah Azuri is very authentic, but honestly I don’t think their food is so wow

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