14 thoughts on “Making Christianity look good

  1. You should probably spend more time meeting Jews and/or Israelis… I’ll bet your wish will come true.
    It’s sad to me when I see a peaceful man with moderate viewpoints being held up (exploited?) as some kind of example of what’s wrong with the *other* side. You managed to portray Jews/Israelis themselves as a wrongheaded monolith in both the post and in the interview itself. Your language and tone in the interview was especially pejorative towards Israel. How can I take you seriously if you’re just as prone to the black & white definition of the conflict as the right wing?
    Maybe you’ve helped break down the stereotypes of the right, but you’ve only managed to entrench the stereotypes and bias of the left. Net productivity– probably 0.

  2. I wish I would hear more AMERICAN so called Christians talk this way!!! He certainly is impressively articulate in English. Is he really a barber?
    And to Ronen’s point, I have heard many Israelis express similar opinions, but most are arguable not that Jewish. The only thing “fervently Orthodox” Jews seem to be good at is vitriol, but that is another topic.
    This reminds me of the cold war, Sarah Smith, etc… when people would have exchanges between average Americans and average Soviets only to find out they both pretty much wanted to same things out of life: color TV, cheep booze & all the nike sneakers they could ever want.

  3. I wonder what the difference between Orthodox Jews and “fervently” Orthodox Jews is. Is Neturei Karta “fervent”? I think you’d probably answer yes.. (not that I agree with their stances either). The point is you can’t take any group of people, or even subgroup, and assume that they act with a singular voice on all issues… and that’s true whether you’re coming from the left or the right. Thankfully, human kind has been endowed with a little more complexity than that.

  4. What Aaron means is that he doesn’t have an “everyone is out to kill me” complex, like most Jews in Israel have. And most Israelis too.

  5. Yeah…the whole thing would have more credence if you would have spent time in Sderot…or Kiryat Shmona. You know…where innocent people are the actual targets and not just the casualties.

  6. talk about PROJECTING your own feelings onto someone else.
    this fool aaron trying to get the dude to say what aaron thinks about Israelis but dude is not having it.
    hilarious. sorry that didn’t work out for you aaron. you apparently hate Israelis way more than this Palestinian does.

  7. We have the same problem as this in America. It’s the damn media. People like Aaron try to get people to say what they want/expect to hear. When someone says something else they become indignant, and assume an air of “I know better than you, you’re talking nonsense” as Aaron did in this video.
    Aaron, I’m happy you at least posted this video instead of hiding it away somewhere where no one would ever know about it. But the point still remains, don’t assume you know how everyone feels. You pretend to be shocked that not all Palestinians hate Jews/Israelis, and you think he’s wrong that he doesn’t! Then, at the end of the video, you claim that no Jews/Israelis feel this way. I agree with whoever said that you should do more talking with Jews, rather than writing them off as evil.
    Again, we have this problem in America too. People make issues black & white so they can avoid thinking. It’s much easier to blame someone else, or even blame OURSELVES entirely, for something that is wrong, rather than recognize the complexity and the fact that we can’t have all the answers immediately. This situation is far more complex than most of the conflicts that have occurred in the past 50 years or so, don’t brush it off as something so simple as Jews oppressing innocent Palestinians. It just ain’t that simple…

  8. I have to ditto many of the above comments. I’ve heard many Jews and Israeli’s talk like that. In fact it’s the first Palestinian I’ve heard talk like that, but I don’t know many Palestinians. Maybe the poster of this video doesn’t know many Jews?????

  9. The guy has a camera pointing at him for G-d’s sake. Ofcourse he’s gonna put on the nice mask.
    In reality the arab christians are even worse than the muslims(remember the damascus bloodlibel?). If the christians didn’t need the jews to protect them from the muslims you’d have palestinian christians as terrorists. They’re just smart enough not to want a two-front war.

  10. Aaron, surely you can expect a Christian to speak like this – now for your next challenge – find a Palestinian Muslim who’s willing to talk like this for the camera (there are plenty, you know).

  11. Aaron,
    You are truly fortunate that your subject ran roughshod over your line of questioning. You tried to paint him into the corner of “victim” and he declined to go there.
    Lots of people, Jews, Muslims, and Christians talk this way. Problem is that they are not aggressive enough by nature to acquire power; the people who are have retention of power as their central goal. And eternal war is good for that.
    Shelve your agenda and JUST LISTEN. Your subject makes the point that the problem is leadership, and there I do not think he is drawing a distinction between Palestinian and Israeli leadership.

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