Manny's Special

I often took the bus to the subway on my way to high school. In so doing I went through a fairly rough neighborhood. Outside the liquor store adjacent to the subway entrance there was always a congregation of street-dwelling folks. Many had drinking problems. Over time I got to know a guy named Malik. He was black. He always drank Manischewitz. I always wondered why. One day I asked. Malik said, “Manny’s Special is the best. You get drunk, right, but you also get sugar high.” I always thought it was an isolated incident until I read this newvoices article. Apparently, Manischewitz has a special marketing program designed to appeal to African-Americans and they export to Haiti. Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Manny's Special

  1. Can’t find the link but apparently Magen Dovid is also adored by alcoholics.
    Good enough reason to get rid of these kiddush “wine” producers for me. No need for them.

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