6 thoughts on “Material Girl Pulls A “Frummer Than Thou”

  1. Come on, Madonna is not Jewish. She has not converted, she just follows the Kaballah Center cult, that is not Jewish religion.
    Mind you, she has raised awareness of shabbos, which is a good thing!

  2. On the one hand, good on Madonna for finding spirituality. But come on. Hell. Even actual Frum people have secular best friends. She’s off he rocker. Though it is nice that in this age of assimilation someone wants to join the ranks rather than leave us.

  3. The New York Post reports that the singer has cut all ties with her best pal, actress Debi Mazar, because Mazar won’t buy in to the tradition of Jewish mysticism.
    I don’t know if you guys read the article, but it doesn’t seem Mazar wasn’t frum enough, she just doesn’t buy in to Kabbalah. Frum implies a level of practice, while this argument appears to be a matter of belief. A subtle but impotant difference.

  4. I would encourage all of us to reach out to Madonna. I’ve started my own letter-writing campaign (it’s been far too long since she and I have been in touch, and I miss the ol’ girl…) inviting her to commemorate Jewish events with me on the Upper West Side. I even promised her Zomick’s challah, but so far, nothing.

  5. Isn’t one of the classic symptoms that one is in a cult is when he/she starts to distance him/herself from old friends?

  6. typical cult behavior. also, i had a secret suspicion that madonna got close to britney (rather than xtina) bec, she could influence her more. the rules of her kind of kabbalah are you can only be friends with others in the cult. maybe she’ll cull all the pop stars we hate and then we can ignore them in one huge group!

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