Mathers, The Boxing Jew?

Reports are circulating that trash rapper Marshal Mathers (aka, “Eminem”) will continue his movie career by portraying the Jewish, kosher eating, sabbath keeping Russian born boxer Dmitry ‘Star of David’ Salita in an upcoming film by Jerry Bruckheimer about Salita entitled “Golden Boy.” Mathers will even train under Lenox Lewis’s boxing coach to prepare for the role. Madonna has yet to convince Mathers that it may be a good idea to also practice eating kosher to prepare for the role. Some things are just so wrong.

4 thoughts on “Mathers, The Boxing Jew?

  1. Will he wear a read string in the ring?
    The title is appropriated from the play by Jewish stage/screen writer Clifford Odets about a an up and coming Italian immigrant pugilist who must decide between using his hands to box or follow a promising violin career. He falls for a nice waspy gal and things end badly… Having written several plays with mostly Jewish charachters for his pals at the Group Theatre, many think the ethnicity was changed so as not to Peg Odests as an exclusively Jewish writer. Golden Boy was one of his biggest success.

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