21 thoughts on “Matisyahu for the ladies?

  1. this is terrible. i’m sorry. women are entitled to hear something better. all you new york ladies start brushing up!!!!

  2. Oh, that just hurts.
    It sounds like she really is singing. What about the kol isha factor? Isn’t that going to be an issue for a frumma yid such as herself (and/or some of her intended audience)?
    Dear Jewish people: stop with the reggae already.

  3. apart from the ‘kol isha’ factor (forgiv me sista for listenin to it) i think its fab! – yes its slow, but its authentic to that style of Regge – in fact its much more heart felt than Matis… who’s lyrics are a bit hmmm… wack.

  4. i am very happy that sista warrior is creating a space for woman to sing for woman, so props, but really i am not so into her!!! i think that she needs some work!

  5. mobius, as an xlubi I’ve heard other lubi Rock/Rap/Ragga/Regge crossovers over the years –which were better than Matis, both lyrically and musically, but they never went mainstream. To be honest I feel that Matisyhu’s lyrics are uninventive, dull and repetitive and fail to capture the beauty of some of the Hassidic ideas he’s been exposed to. Sista – is doing something very different, it’s the kinda ‘Roots Regge’ I grew up with back in the 80’s in Black Youth Clubs in Dalston and Hackney (London) it’s very laid back and I love her cockney accent. It’s a crossover based on cultural and geographic proximity – you may not like it, but it’s authentic ‘Stamford Hill Roots Regge!’ It doesn’t necessarily appeal to the masses, but then Roots Regge never has. What you need to do is take a drag from a big cone, eat some spicy samosa, lean back in the sun and feel ‘Ayree’ – everything’s gonna be alright.

  6. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think you are very wrong. For me anyway’s, Matisyahu’s lyrics are very inventive, extremely inspirational and has created a sound and vibe that is beautiful, special and one of a kind. It’s not accident he is “mainstream” everyone loves what he does. Other than you I have never heard anyone speak so negatively about this music.

  7. Matisiyahu doesn’t do much for me either, Chaim. But that doesn’t mean we’re coming to take him away from you. Enjoy.

  8. I cant actually see any orthodox stamfordhill/golders green girl doing reggae…doesnt really fit
    But maybe theirs this whole society of real urban orthodox jews (n im not talking bout the bal teshuvim waling round in fubu with the tallis hangin out) in london that im just not exposed to…anyone care to enlighten me?

  9. I was under the impression, as someone who listens to a lot of it, that real roots reggae was generally not made with the kind of instrumentation and beats that I can create on my cheap 99-tone Radio Shack keyboard and a tape recorder. I mean, even some of the cheesiest dancehall has better production value, and cheesy dancehall generally doesn’t claim to be authentic roots reggae. Maybe we should all just listen to the Abyssinians instead. I promise that listening to music not created by Orthodox Jews won’t destroy anyone’s faith.

  10. I really enjoy Matis music, but I’m not Jewish. I do feel, however, a big wave of spirituality when listening to his songs. Looking for the meaning of his songs I started lurking on the Chabad website and am more interested every day in finding how to dechristianise myself and become as good a noachide as possible.

  11. Matis sings off key a lot. Its annoying and I can’t fathom how he gets a pass on it. Sista isn’t my cup of tea either, but at least she’s on pitch.

  12. it’s shit, but I think she’s listened to a lot more Reggae in her time than Matt. She’s no Lady Saw, or Lady Apache, or Sister Nancy, or Sister Carol, or Pam Hall or Marcia Griffiths. Hell she’s not even the best Jewish woman produced by a “reggae” producer (that my friends would go to Linda McCartney who recorded a whole LP at Black Ark), but Max is right in saying that she’s more trad, and that’s been my beef with Matt all along. That if it weren’t for the tzizit, he’d be another Snow or Big Mountain (but he’s still better than Christifari), and that’s a fact seen? What I’d really like to hear is an updated version of Michigan and Smiley’s “Diseases” where Elephantitis and Diabetes are brought on by unkosher mezuzot and not giving tzedakah!

  13. a few things… MaxKohanzad is for sure the old editor of exlubi.com. one of the dumbest rant sites i have ever laid eyes on.
    jessi that society exists in london and certianly here in Brooklyn
    She gets around the kol ishah thing by asking men not to listen to her music ( most rabbis agree recorded is not an issue) and will certainly only perform in front of women as the post says,,,

  14. grubness, ‘dumbest rant sites i have ever laid eyes on’ – you should surf more! and its Xlubi.com – its not just about ranting – its about Theology, Society and Culture – please have a look at http://www.xlubi.com/x5pmax.ht… for the Theology section. Can i just say finally that xlubi.com has in its time actually saved lives… you obviously have no idea what it takes for some – to move away from main stream Chabad-Lubavitch. For many xlubi.com has helped them realise that they are not alone. And with all the bad mouthed comments xlubi gets – its far better than ending up with a handful of dead Lubavitch boys and girls, who couldn’t see another way out.

  15. Sista Warrior – well ital!
    Anyone into Matis> Check out these tunes–>
    Prince Far I – Prodigal Son
    Prince Far I – Water The Garden
    Prince Far I – Charisma
    The three best tunes inna yard – ever!
    Plus, Horace Ferguson – Sensi Addict!

  16. I think people here are getting away from the point. Sista Warriors Stop the Suicide bombers is a brave and wonderful effort for world peace. Everyone’s musical tastes differ. I am not jewish but i appreciate good music and i think not only is this Sista’s voice profoundly spirital, her vocals are crystal clear and resounding. I hope her message of peace touches the hearts of all nations. I look forward to your album release in the very near future!

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