Matisyahu Gets Signed

Big news for the Hasidic Reggae Superstar:

JDub and Or Music have announced that Or has signed acclaimed JDub Records’ Hasidic reggae/hip hop star Matisyahu to a multirecord deal, and will enter a strategic marketing and distribution relationship with JDub.

Or Music president Michael Caplan commented, “Given our enthusiasm for signing acts that instantly captivate us, and that we feel will deliver the same impact to audiences worldwide, Matisyahu is a one-of-a-kind talent at the forefront of an important musical and social movement. JDub has done an incredible job developing Matisyahu to date, and we will work closely with them to bring Matisyahu’s music to a broad, international audience. In addition, we will help develop other JDub projects. This signing is a perfect fit for our growing company.”

Aaron Bisman, executive director of JDub Records also commented, “As a not-for-profit organization, JDub’s mission is to bring the best in innovative, authentic Jewish music into the mainstream marketplace. Michael and Larry have a great understanding of the power and potential of Matisyahu’s music and the experience to take this to the next level. We are very excited about our growing relationship with Or on this and future projects.”

Other Or Music artists include John Cale, Particle & Tower Of Power. It’s not what you’d call major label status but it’s a leg up to be sure. MAZAL TOV!

11 thoughts on “Matisyahu Gets Signed

  1. This is very cool, a label is a label .. I think eventually they will climb even higher. Matisyahu will become the most famous frum artist in history.

  2. Matisyahu rocks my socks! Saw him in Seattle, and he’s even more amazing (and cute) in person. If anyone deserves a big record deal, it’s him.
    And hey, being on the same label as John Cale gets major cool points from me!

  3. King Without A Crown is the best song ever…i can listen to that for hours str8….i did once while driving…i did listen to someother tracks too but mostly King…

  4. His live music (which I’ve only seen in online video clips) is far better than his CD. The CD is just really mellow, while the live stuff rocks. Hopefully his new recording projects will capture some of that.

  5. This is really a great year for “real” Jewish music! First, Matisyahu signs with Or Music. Then, Latino-Jewish crew Hip Hop Hoodios get a deal with Jazzheads. It’s cool to picture all the goyim getting down with Matisyahu on their iPods or busting a move to the groove of Hoodios……

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