8 thoughts on “Matisyahu Live on Letterman

  1. I’m sorry. His performances are drying up. His debut on Jimmy Kimmel was explosive! I became a fan when I saw him cut loose on that show. Since then every TV appearance hes done has gotten progressively dull. I think Matts got some mad skills, hes probably just getting sick of the same old thing. The guy tours like mad.
    Realistically, his whole act is a bit of a gimmick, and hes gonna need some new material and something else to freshen him up if he wants to continue being successful.

  2. Ah, I didn’t want to be the 1st to point that out, but I noticed the same thing (I also noticed the audience was half asleep).
    And that guitar player…oy vey. If he was trying to play bad, it didn’t suit the song. If he was trying to pull of machine gun riffs, it didn’t work. Stick to playing reggae my friend.

  3. This guy, man he’s an inspiration..Maybe I’m the only person in Denmark who listens to Matisyahu, but damn he kicks ass! He combined two of the coolest genres of music and he, well he just kicks ass!
    Sincerely from Denmark..Matisyahu..Can’t wait for March 7th..

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