11 thoughts on “Matisyahu on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. my bad on the time…that’s been fixed.
    uh “no longer a fan” — i’m sorry you feel that way. i think matt’s an incredible performer and that his band is amazing. as for his personality, meh, what can i tell you. chasidim aren’t often the most socially adept individuals, but i’m willing to forgive ’em.

  2. Who cares what his personality is offstage – I met him before a concert and he was socially awkward, yeah… I thought, “Dude, this guy must suck.” But then the music starts, and it’s like his body is a vessel for prophetic sounds, yo. His music is like ruach hakodesh…

  3. I’m just wondering what’s with the “Menachem Mendel Schneersohn is the Messiah” yarmulka clearly visible on his head in the hi-res version of the first picture on http://www.hasidicreggae.com/photos.php … He’s not actually one of those “Yehhi” people, is he? That would be so sad…

  4. I personally think this whole Matisyahu thing is a little too cheezy. For someone calling himself a “Reggae Superstar” he ain’t too super.

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