12 thoughts on “Matisyahu w/ P.O.D. Single on MySpace

  1. I’m an ol’ metal head from the 80’s and hence, enjoyed POD’s first album. So I was curious about this collaboration…it’s wicked. Still, it’s weird to hear Mat on an album adorned with a huge cross. Weird in a good way tho.

  2. I’d rather see Matisyahu collaborate with a better band than P.O.D. I like the song, but I really don’t enjoy that band.

  3. Awesome tune. Its a good song and the two seems to fit together nicely. I was a little shocked when I first heard about this, oh boy oh boy, what controversy, but let’s not forget that the marketing of Matis is big business, big money.

  4. matis’ marketing has largely been word of mouth until now. his video is debuting on mtv for the first time this week. NOW he’s big money.

  5. I agree as long as till now is this past month or two, cuz he’s been on a couple of popular radio stations for about that long. I’ve seen ads for him all over the place, magazines, myspace, where else? all over….the list goes on…. I’m not disagreeing with you, but everything I’ve seen from him recently indicates that this man has taken the next step and it was a big one.

  6. I dig the song an everything and used to be into POD back in the day. The calabo is ill. but doznt POD stand for ppl of the devil? seems a lil bit strange that matis even had the notion to hook up wid them, dosnt change the fact that the track was great tho.

  7. your telling me this album is not christian themed? the cross on the album cover? C’mon. rrr, i dunno.

  8. Oh you know I’m lovin this. Matis keeps singin about Mashiach…POD already know who He is. From what I gather, Matis probably already knows so too 🙂 Praise Yah! Y’shua Ha’Mashiach reigns. Matsiyahu (Matt Miller) took a big step…it’s about True Jew time.
    Aviad Cohen aka 50 Shekel

  9. Just got into Matis yesterday….the boy got game. P.O.D. got game too, should be a good combo. I’ve been listening to Dylan’s “Infidels” until Matis came along. Hadn’t heard the Dylan disc for years, but they have meaning, and I think half the songs are all about Israel. Wonder what Dylan thinks of Matis?

  10. I think that POD stands for “Payable on Death”, which is an allusion to the fact that you will owe your soul to somebody when you die. As Dylan sang, everyone’s “gotta serve somebody.”
    About the alliance between POD and Matisyahu, I think it’s just swell. Certainly unorthodox (no pun intended), but pretty stinkin sweet. Two great musical acts with profound faiths in the God of Abraham; how can you go wrong?

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