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Maybe he meant selichot

From Think Progress on Sept. 6 :

White House celebrates Rosh Hashanah a week early.
Last night, President Bush issued a statement wishing “greetings” to those “celebrating Rosh Hashanah.“ Unfortunately for the White House, Rosh Hashanah does not start until next week — sunset on Sept. 12. (Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President!)

Full story.
Wishing y’all a shanah tovah umetukah from the holy land.

2 thoughts on “Maybe he meant selichot

  1. I was going to make a snide comment, but I remembered that if this was one of my friends (or quite frankly, someone whose actions didn’t anger me) I’d let this kind of thing go. So I encourage all yall to do the same.

  2. Every year we get the same anti bush blog spot from someone.
    The White House does this EVERY year. I’m pretty sure Clinton and Bush 1 and Reagen also did it. They also do this early for Pesach and I think Chanukah. Maybe they should do it a few days before instead of a week, but when would be better ON Rosh Hashana? A few days people are running like rats preparing they wouldnt even hear about it. A week before is very nice, that way everyone see’s the well wishes from President.
    We should be thankful that they not only respect our right to practice our religion but that the President of the country sends his own well wishes to us for each holiday. We didn’t have it so sweet in generations past.
    Let’s focus on the good, eh?

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