Mazal Tov Cocktail: Call For Submissions!

Mazal Tov Cocktail is an online encyclopaedia of Jewish radical culture. Part-zine, part-blog, part-infoshop, part-Gemara — it is intended to be a clearinghouse for progressive Jewish activists and folks doing research and exploration into this arena.
We are currently seeking contributors to this project who are willing to volunteer research and writing time, or who are willing to submit essays and articles which they’ve already composed on topics ranging from feminist responses to Orthodoxy to humanism’s place in Talmud to anti-establishmentary tendencies in the Hasidic movement to Jewish involvement in the anarchist movement to halakhic justifications for vegetarianism to Jewish anti-Zionism to communism in the Kibbutz movement to Jewish resistance to the Roman occupation of ancient Israel, and everything else in between.
The project is led by Daniel ‘Mobius’ Sieradski, editor and publisher of Jewschool.com and OrthodoxAnarchist.com, director of the Open Source Judaism Project, and contributing editor to Jewsweek magazine. It finds its inspiration in founding Heeb editor Jennifer Bleyer’s short-run early-90’s Jewish punk ‘zine Mazel Tov Cocktail.
If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in this project, or if you have an entry to share with us, please contact Dan at [email protected].

5 thoughts on “Mazal Tov Cocktail: Call For Submissions!

  1. Why is it that only Jewish anti-Zionism is considered radical? Historically speaking, Zionism itself was a hugely radical Jewish movement at its onset. It happened to take root and become a mainstream Jewish idea– should serve as a model to all the radicals.

  2. oy-vey…
    I think I visit this place too often and what a great way for hashem to tell me to shut off the computer and go study torah!

  3. actually, i think zionism and the radical settler movement are exceptional examples of jewish radicalism and have every intention to include them in the project.

  4. funny story I met a guy Marcus in Israel, and the first 5 mins of talking to him, I made some jokes about HEEB, it his sister is Jennifer, hehe. Fear not, we still remained friends and keep in touch…

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