Mazal tovs all around!

Jewschool simchas all over the place this summer:

Mazal tov to Eli on his recent marriage!
Mazal tov on Rooftopper Rav‘s recent marriage!
Mazal tov on BZ‘s marriage yesterday!

May your lives be filled with happiness, love, learning, and community!
Gilah, rinah, ditzah, v’chedvah; ahavah, v’achavah, v’shalom v’reius!
~TheWanderingJew, on behalf of the Jewschool team

11 thoughts on “Mazal tovs all around!

  1. ML,
    I remember you mentioned your wedding to me–in a post–about a half-year ago.
    I’m glad to hear the big day finally arrived 🙂

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