7 thoughts on “McCain scuffles at the Western Wall

  1. So in short – McCain scuffles and is scuffled by some scufflers in Israel. I’m still not exactly sure what happened, but boy does MSNBC love that word.

  2. Wasn’t the guy a soldier? Jeez, this is pretty wussy stuff – “nothing dangerous -yet” is how the reporters put it….uh, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen; Israelis aren’t used to being put in free speech zones. Their politicians had better be prepared for up close and personal. Sheesh.

  3. Big ups to JohnnyMac for acquiring an actual kipa instead of one of those Jew-for-a-day models that politicians so often sport.

  4. “Why do people keep calling it a ‘gaffe’? If he’s stating something that’s flatly wrong three times in two days, it’s not a gaffe, it’s a talking point.
    McCain didn’t get where he is today by being stupid. He did get there, however, by being manipulative when the situation has warranted, by misrepresenting facts when they worked against him, and by knowing which wings of the Republican Party to cozy up to at which times.”
    –Hunter, Daily Kos

  5. Now I remember why I like reading news and not watching it. Did it really take MSNBC over two minutes to explain that there was a “scuffle” at the Western Wall involving John McCain and that he was “whisked” away by his bodyguards?
    There. It took me one sentence. I guess they have to repeat it so often to:
    a) Fill airspace.
    b) In case viewers aren’t paying attention the first two times.
    c) Convince themselves of the story’s importance.
    d) Try to cover up the fact that the story has no context, no explanation, no background, and no quotes from anyone involved in McCain’s entourage or involved in the so-called “scuffle.”

  6. Yeah… strikes me as a space-filler.
    What gets me, though, is the number of times they were recycling the same 5 seconds of footage. Don’t tell me you can’t get enough interesting “scuffle”-worthy crowd footage in Jerusalem.
    ùáú ùìåí åçâ ùîç

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