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Life has been full, but here are a few slices of my favorite media picks as of late:

  • Chris Rabb on his genealogical quest to untangle ancestry and heritage.
  • Chip Berlet tackles the continued rise of white supremacist groups around immigration
  • Guiliani cashing in on 9/11
  • wireless feminism?
  • I wonder what Blogs of Zion will think of this? Jewish Agency aids Israeli Arabs
  • The New York Times had a great editorial today on restoring the right to vote in Alabama
  • And speaking of prisons, follow the prison money trail
  • Robert Jenson tackles the costs of manliness, but I think Paul Kivel does it better
  • Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler, editors of Bitchfest, are on tour this fall–preview Bitchfest by listening to an interview with the editors.

2 thoughts on “Media Mishegaas

  1. umm, Aharon Horowitz of Blogs of Zion has been advocating on behalf of Israeli Arabs for quite some time now. So what might BoZ think of it? Probably that it’s nice they’ve followed his lead.

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