NYC Gets Its First Hareidi Cop


For the most part, this is good, IMO.

It’s a positive role, he’ll bridge an otherwise insular community with the rest of the City’s services, and to be honest; it’s fresh and hopeful to see someone of such background redefine the role of Jews so dramatically (although there are plenty of us in the NYPD ).

I’m sure someone will find a way to put a negative twist on this, but mazel tov, Officer Witriol!

Kick @$$ and take names in the name of THE LORD!

8 thoughts on “NYC Gets Its First Hareidi Cop

  1. I think it’s great too, but worry that success might prove difficult, with Shabbes and all the yom tovs, discrimination, and their proclivity for accepting bribes.

  2. Being that the police are generally corrupt body, I’m not sure whether to sigh in despair or shout in glee.
    May he resist the corruption of his coworkers and be an example of a righteous policeman and elevate the sparks within a system tainted with oppression and falsehood.

  3. His name is Witriol? Like Vitriol? I hope he doesn’t spill it out on innocent passerby – like most cops.

  4. The Daily News says it ain’t so- whom do ya believe?
    Post all wrong on Hasidic cop hire
    A Hasidic scholar from Brooklyn wasn’t hired as part of the NYPD’s newest class of recruits as the New York Post claimed on its front page yesterday, authorities said.
    Joel Witriol, 24, was four credits shy of meeting the NYPD’s requirement of 60 college credits, and was not part of the latest class of 1,560 recruits.
    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Witriol could reapply if he fulfills the education requirement. Kelly said the department had hired Orthodox Jewish recruits in the past.

  5. Police officers are not corrupt for the most part. Yes there are your dirty cops as there are dirty people in every profession. Let’s not jump on the bandwagon of what we hear and see on tv and movies. We Jews get stereotyped too often, let’s not continue the chain and do it to others.
    Too often we ridicule the police! I would venture to say that if your house was getting broken into, they would be the first people you call and would want them there as quick as possible. They put their life on the line for people they do not even know! When citizens are running from the worst of the worst, they are running towards it!!!!! G-d bless the police!

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