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Mehlman Remixed

In case you haven’t heard, CNN has censored Bill Maher’s outing of Ken Mehlman on Larry King last week. (Maher subsequently censored himself, but that’s a separate story. Unless it’s the same story, since Time Warner owns both CNN and HBO. Hmmm….) Anyway, intrepid youtubers have kept the outing alive. Here’s one delightfully subtle remix:

9 thoughts on “Mehlman Remixed

  1. What I don’t get it who decided it’s the Liberals jobs to out every Gay man in the world? Even if Mehlman is gay, so what? He has every right in the world to keep that info to himself. He doesn’t have to tell people. I think what Liberals are really afraid of is that if the country finds this info out on their own then they might start thinking to themselves, if there are so many Gay republicans then maybe they aren’t the evil gay bashers that the left has made them out to be. So the Liberals want to make the fact that there are Gay republicans be a Dirrttyyy thing. Like they are ashamed of it. There are plenty of Gay men and women in the closet who aren’t republicans. It doesn’t matter what the reason is that they choose to stay low profile or in the closet or whatever. It’s their right, and it’s their right to privacy that they should be afforded. Who came along and gave Liberals the power to decide who’s privacy should be violated and whose shouldn’t. This is why the country doesn’t like Liberals they want to decide every last thing for everyone else. Or in other words Communism.

  2. wow, that is some of the most ridiculous limbaugh inspired idiocy i have ever read.
    the dude is complaining about ken mehlman’s privacy when his party just authorized the tapping of every telephone and email account in america, the opening of our financial and medical records to both law enforcement and private corporations, the data harvesting of our myspace profiles, the collection of our biometric and genetic data for a national law enforcement database, and the requirement of every american to — at all times — carry an ID card containing an RFID chip.
    staunch defenders of privacy those right-wingers are.
    i think it’s completely relevant for the american people to know whether or not the man running a party that for at least four years has hinged its platform on persecuting homosexuals is himself homosexual, just as it was relevant to know that the man in charge of the committee overseeing child endangerment was a pedophile.
    it is not a bad thing to be homosexual. it is not “dirrrtttyy.” rather, it is a bad thing to hate yourself for being homosexual and to take it out on all other homosexuals by pursuing legislation that unjustly persecutes them.

  3. Mobius, I gotta say, I’m with Rush on this one.
    A person’s sexuality is their own personal choice. That the Republicans generally aren’t to keen on privacy issues, doesn’t mean that we should break down that barrier ourselves. While it is amusing and ironic to hear that leaders of a party that has drawn much success from homophobia are themselves gay, at the end of the day – it’s none of our business. The anti-gay policies that the republican party has been promoting are wrong or right, regardless of whose behind them. It is not wrong to be self-hating, it is wrong to hate. And last, please, please, please, don’t make the comparison to Foley. Being a rapist/molester is bad, period. The absurdity of him heading up the committee, well, I guess that’s the way congress works.

  4. The mitzvah is to love others as we love ourselves. Ergo, if we hate ourselves, it will drip on out, and we’ll be hating others, too.
    Mobius called this, eloquently, and the only thing that I would add, is that the closeted gays in the Republican party, are the most virulently anti-gay members there. Fine, if they prefer not to announce their sex orientation, but not fine if they campaign on the absurd issues of crushing human and civil rights for homosexuals.

  5. I don’t believe in outing homosexuals, but I can ALMOST make an exception in the case of extreme hypocrisy like Pator Ted.

  6. Although I’m super left and straight, I don’t really think we should be all up in Ken Mehlmen’s biz. And I don’t think it would make him necessarily a hypocrite if he were gay. There are some gays who don’t support gay marriage.
    It’s like calling someone a self-hating Jew just cause they don’t support the occupation.

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