Mei-Hodu ve'ad Kush

I hear that they’re opening up yet another kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant, and here are some of the items on the menu:

  • Mekimi Mei’afar Dal – lentils so fresh it’s as if they were just picked out of the dirt
  • Chana Masala – this chickpea dish is served with neither wine nor liquor, but it will have you pouring out your soul
  • Muttar Paneer – spicy green peas with cubes of cheese
  • Asur Paneer – spicy green peas with cubes of cheese, bacon, and shrimp
  • Chanina ben Dosa – a savory crepe with healing powers
  • Dosa ben Harkinas – a savory crepe best enjoyed at brunch, after sleeping through the morning
  • Chamushim Aloo – potatoes for five

For those who aren’t into Indian cuisine, they’re also offering some other vegetarian options:

îùðëðñ àãø îøáéï áùîçä

5 thoughts on “Mei-Hodu ve'ad Kush

  1. In 1975 Response magazine ran a Jewskin-Robbins ice-cream-flavor competition, and the names were strkingly similar (derabbanana, for example). Purim torah must have as a requisite that it not really be funny.
    (no offense, etc.)

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