Militarist Peaceniks

As an ex-coordinator in Peace Now Youth (yes, I admit…), I agree with Yitzhak Laor’s analysis of the Israel’s militarism and the way it is manifested in its peace movements. The logical implications of such an analysis are obvious; the occupation is not the problem but the symptom. In any case, it is obvious that Israeli militarism is in decline since the 1950’s.

An interesting point regarding Laor’s article is that he offers a new point in dividing the Israeli peace camp. The division is not between Zionist and Post/Anti-Zionist but between militarist and anti-militarist (taking out of consideration the marginal marxist and anarchist groups). The refusal movements were an authentic growth out of the dying peace movement after October 2000. If anyone is interested I will later post my analysis of the Israeli peace camp.

6 thoughts on “Militarist Peaceniks

  1. Dear Asaf,
    Did you know that The Peace Now Movement, started in the mid 1930’s, called for an immediate peace with Nazi Germany? The Jewish organization continued THROUGHOUT WWII till today. The faces that they support may have changed (Hitler, Arians–>Arafat, Philistines), but the agenda hasn’t.
    Get out. Get out now. Our Talmud says, “Those who are kind to the cruel end up by being cruel to the kind.” All Jews want peace, pray for peace, but today many of us are not willing to surrender to the exterminators.

  2. eli and babylon if you’re new yorkers, check out my latest post, where i will address this issue.

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