• 50 Shekel returns as Aviad, with lame-ass techno for Jesus. Don’t miss the G-d-awful cover of “Wind Beneath My Wings.” (c/o Matityahu Y)
  • Citizen of the Month wonders what the 92nd St. Y’s upcoming Stars of David Panel will look like. (c/o Elaine K.)
  • Screencaptures of the Satmar Simchas Torah rumble are available here. (c/o Yiddisher Velt)
  • JPost exposes the UN’s hypocrisy on the Israel-Palestine issue here. (c/o Stefanie P.)
  • Jonathan Rosenblum has an interesting column in Hamodia on the continuity crisis; one which challenges some of the views we on the progressive side keep and should always think critically of.
  • A new online community for Caucasian Jews? Yep. Don’t miss the Mountain Jew tee.
  • JFL Media founder Yossi Abromowitz gets a blog.

4 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Shtreimel fight !!!! I love the beard-yanking technique.. is that a traditional Satmar fighting style ?
    Who are all the black guys in do-rags, hoodies and baseball hats in the Satmar screencaps ? That was unexpected
    Also, this t-shirt of 50 shekel’s is kinda funny

  2. look at the link on ‘aviad”s website to israeltoday.co.il
    seems to be a front for xtian missionaries.
    read through the star of david article
    the testing prophesy article ect…
    they all lead to new testament qoutes and ideas.
    i guess the fact that aviad promotes it gives it away as well.
    Shabbat Shalom

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