12 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. I’m registered to vote, but can someone explain what power the World Zionist Congress actually has? If I support a two-state solution and religious pluralism in Israel, should I vote for ARZA or the Labor/Meretz/etc. slate (both of which have both of those planks in their platform), and why? And what the heck does Dor Zion’s platform actually mean?

  2. What in the name of halva is Schooly D doing headlining a Heeb Storytelling event? Did he convert to Judaism to compensate for 50 Shekel–sorry, Aviad Cohen–going Messianic?

  3. Wait, what? I don’t wanna register for the Miami Herald, but why the hell is Ja Rule at some girl’s bat mitzvah? And Irv Gotti? I thought those two hated each other. But why the *&$^# are they at this girl’s bat mitzvah???

  4. The World Zionist Congress allocates money. If you support religious pluralism and a two-state solution, then either Arza or Mercaz (the Conservative Movement’s group) are your best bet. If you want the World Union for Progressive Judaism to have more money, vote for Arza. If you’d rather see the Masorti movement get it, vote for Mercaz.
    As for Dor Zion, based only on who I know on their slate, I think it’s possibly Hadassah-affiliated, but that’s just a guess.

  5. Re: Amber Ridinger
    I think Jews should just boycott b’nei mitzvah ceremonies until they stop being this obscene and shallow. 😛

  6. Amber’s parents should be ashamed of themselves.Wow, only a kid and already she’s a shanda fur die goyim. And the yiddin too.

  7. Okay I was so appalled I had to register.. her bat mitzvah cost, no joke, $500,000. Ja Rule and Irv Gotti are “family friends” to answer your question.. still shaking my head..

  8. Uh Terrorism/counterfeit connection is spurious, at best, according to the very article you quote:
    “Yet, the evidence to support Noble’s contention that counterfeiting is emerging as the preferred method to fund terrorism is shaky. Indeed, the limited evidence available is largely anecdotal and, maddeningly for investigators, often inconclusive … But beyond circumstantial connections, there’s little to suggest that counterfeiting, though profitable, is now terrorists’ favorite funding source, or even a very big one.”
    Reading the article is handy.

  9. Oh my universe, the OOMPA LOOMPAS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I’m sure that Amber Ridinger’s parents are just Hollywood/Beverly Hills people who actually know all those people, or at least know the people who can pull the strings for their daughter’s bat mitzvah. I wonder what the ceremony was like. The hair and makeup time and cost alone is enough to leave me running for the hills…

  10. this kind of unrelated but i just clicked on yalls advertisement for American Apparel–can people actually afford to BUY those clothes? Man. Y’all must be making more green than Shmuel.
    That’s Mishegaas. Charging 18 dollars for an undershirt. They can call it a Summer T, but I know its an undershirt.
    Hey look, my spamblock is “chassidis”.

  11. tip: rather than register, just use bugmenot.com to access registration-required news sites
    there’s even a great plug-in for mozilla firefox that lets you right click on a page and auto-login using a login/pass from their database

    For Canadian Residents/Citizens the process and candidates are different. I am working with the HATIKVA slate and will bring you updates and our website as soon as I have it.
    As far as I know right now the slates running in Canada are us (Progressive-Zionist community), the Orthodox community, the Reform Movement, and the Conservative movement.

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